What Is A Photo Human Interest Photography

What Is A Photo Human Interest Photography


What Is A Photo Human Interest Photography

What is a photo of human interest photography? Human interest photography (HI) is a portrait of a person’s life that depicts the mood/mood and arouses sympathy from those who see it.

What Is A Photo Human Interest Photography
What Is A Photo Human Interest Photography

Initially, photography of human interest was more of a part of photojournalism, depicting human life and interaction with their environment, and then aimed to tap people’s hearts to sympathize and do something to help the subject of photography.

In photojournalism, human interest is included in the feature section. This section is usually an insert and not for the main title. The category of human interest is more to the lives of individuals or ordinary people that are rarely studied.

Human interest is quite broad but often confused with other categories such as portrait photography, cultural (cultural) photography, street photography, travel photography, concept photography, etc.

A large number of pictures of human interest depict the lives of people with a weak or rural economy, but in fact, human interest does not limit it to the subject of the lower classes but also includes portraits of the success of the upper-class society.

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A photo of human interest can consist of a single photo or a series of storytelling (photo story/essay).

Tips for capturing Human Interest :

  1. A good composition is one that highlights the expression or body language of a photo subject from its surroundings.
  2. To create a picture of good human interest, it needs a strong/interesting character, lively expression, and a touching story.
  3. Moments in filming are very important, mastering the camera settings is a must.
  4. Human interest is usually made honest, where the person being photographed does not feel photographed, is not directed by the photographer/stylist so that it looks natural and original. If the settings are directed and the light, special effects, or digital processing/manipulation is excessive, the resulting photo is more appropriate for the portrait or concept photography category.
  5. Shooting with a compact camera can also be done effectively, especially at close range. Subjects will not feel intimidated and react like when we use DSLR cameras and large lenses.
  6. Still related to capturing moments, use consecutive photos to capture moments that change quickly at any moment.
  7. A telephoto lens with a focal length between 50-300mm will be very useful for taking bright pictures, although medium and wide lenses can also be used for the human benefit if you have a good relationship with the subject.

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