Restaurant Photography

Restaurant Photography How To Price


Restaurant Photography How To Price

Restaurant Photography. In this, read is a third part of the trilogy we’ve done high-end ad campaigns with big production costs, producers agents license fees, researchers, digital techs, we’ve then gone down to local agencies with day rates and when to introduce licensing and now we’re looking at the very beginning And hopefully the three of these reads, no matter which stage should read all three of them, So you can sort of understand where you should be heading, even if you’ll just approaching this stage now read the other two.

Restaurant Photography
Restaurant Photography

So you can sort of get an idea as to where, where everything is, what everything is, how it all comes together. Now, most of us as food photographers, we start off with restaurant photography, your local cafe your local bar, whatever it may be. I got into this because i used to rent a studio above a bar. I rented it from the bar because they owned the building and part of my rental agreement was that i shot their food for them three times a month, and i thought it was a brilliant deal didn’t like photography at the time. Never done it.

So i was like yeah i’ll take some pictures of food. What’S the worst that can happen turns out a lot photographing at this level is one difficult. Two, the people you work with can be very difficult and three it is very badly paid. Now i don’t believe you can make a good living as a restaurant photographer unless you’re shooting for the big chains for big ad agencies.

Your average cafe, independent cafe, might have between 250 and 500 pounds for their photography and that’s going to last them a long time. This is going to be a weekly thing or a monthly thing. It is highly unlikely that any of these independent chains have enough money or there’s enough of those chains with few enough photographers in the area to get you paid if you’re living in london there’s a lot of independence, but there’s also a lot of photographers. A lot of competition and gosh a lot of people can take good photos of the phone and, at this level, you’re competing with the person who take a good photo with a phone, because it’s good enough and you’re good enough. So why pay more? Now? Let’S talk about the you know: the elephant of the room, the pricing in the uk

I believe that 250 to 500 pounds is the pricing bracket. I don’t believe in charging by the hour and i don’t believe in charging by the shot and here’s why charging by the shot’s a tricky one, because how long does the shot take you know you could spend ages doing one shot and 30 seconds doing the next Charging by the hour is difficult for the customer. How do they know if you’re not taking your time? You’Ll constantly feel under pressure to work faster and faster and faster, because you don’t want to be perceived as a time waster to try and rack up the bill and what, if the bill gets too big.

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What if they get to a point where they cannot afford The bill and they’ve still got half the shots left You quote per the job. They say here’s what we want right if they have 10 dishes, they want photographing as flat layers on a table. I’D quote 400 pounds, that’s a job. They got edited retouched and delivered back to you via wii transfer. In this link There is one round of corrections and that’s it.

Additional corrections will cost 20 pound per image, whatever it may be, or if they go. We, you know the the problem with this level of work is we’ll get someone coming going. It’S normally an instagram message how much for photos? How much for photos of what? How many photos, what style you need to really hone this in, because what we’re dealing with here is photographers at a level where they don’t fully understand the craft yet and clients who don’t understand photography.

So it’s a melting pot for disaster and you need to be really concise and really clear and really manage this project. So first thing you need to do is go. I need a shot list. I need a list of every single photograph that you need. Let’S go one of two ways: one is they’ll come back with 10 12 shots readm like that readms reasonable, and i had an agency years ago trying to contact me to photograph a local place and they wanted me to take 75 food shots in a day.

I worked out some ridiculous shot per minute ratio. They’Re like yeah yeah, that’s doable and i was like yeah not for me. It’S not i’m not doing that. That sounds hellish, so you need to work out what they want. Is it realistic? I would say 10 to 12 shots in in a shoot for a restaurant is realistic. You need to explain to them. They need to prepare the sh, the food one at a time.

I’Ve done it in the past, where they’ve cooked everything bought it all out. In one go and just left it in a line by the time you get to the third dish, it looks like i’m not gon na swear and you just need to go well, this doesn’t work and then we’ve had to re-cook it all they get annoyed. I get annoyed with that for ages. You need to be clear and concise. You need to explain to them how it works that you’ll arrive at nine o’clock. You’Ll have an hour for set up time. The first dish needs to be a test dish for lighting

Just bring me out a salad or some pasta, something easy. Then you bring the first dish out. Then you have to adjust it and style. It there’s probably not going to be a budget for a stylist at a local. Cafe you get it sorted, you do the shot. You want to be shooting tethered. If you can and go, do you like this shot? Are you happy yes or no? Yes, please press 5 stars on my keyboard, that’ll flag, it as the shot you want, and it just stops any of this issues further down the line, especially if it’s not the owner who’s there on shoot day and he’s like we don’t like these shots go yeah, But your chef signed the mark

Four, your manager signed them off. You need to cover your back, so the take home messages here, number one do not charge per shot or per hour number two have a clear brief as well as what the shots are. You want to get image references for each shot because you don’t want to be shooting, then, all of a sudden they want some elaborate flatline that you weren’t expecting and you’ve got to build a rig.

You’Ve got to get on a ladder. All these things that you didn’t expect, because they don’t know that it’s not easy to do these things. They think you’re clicking a button. You know you need to impress them. You need to explain to them why it takes this time. Why it’s going to take so long? We had to shoot for a local restaurant years ago and we had to and they had a bigger budget. It was a big restaurant um. We had to build a scaffolding to shoot because they wouldn’t they wanted the depth from the top of the table to the floor.

They wanted to show it all and to do that we had to get up in the air they didn’t understand. Why and i was like well, how do you expect me to take the shot or you hold camera over the top? I’M five foot, seven with short arms like this: it’s not gon na work, so you’ve got to be clear. You’Ve got to be concise, keep it all in emails and payment. You need to be clear on the payment terms. Is it payments on the day? Is it payment before the day? Do you need to be paid to turn up or is it payments upon delivery, And if it’s upon delivery, who signs it off to say it has been delivered and accepted? All these things, working at this level is not going to build a career. It is a learning curve.