Professional Food Photographer

Check Out This Professional Food Photographer


Check Out This Professional Food photographer

Check out this professional food photographer. Food photography is a popular and profitable niche. Everyone loves to create food photos that appear on social media or cookbooks.

Many professional food photographers start as chefs or food bloggers. As they continued their passion, they discovered their talents and interests in food photography.

Some of them now work in commercial photography and pose for food ads for well-known customers.

Need inspiration from the best food photographers? Check out our list and browse through these iconic food photos!

Professional Food Photographer
Professional Food Photographer

Dennis is one of the most famous food photographers in the industry. Canada is also the cooker of cookbooks and writers.

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He used to be a struggling musician, but then he discovered his passion for food. He became famous and successful over time.

Dennis is co-host of the Netflix show “Restaurants in Edge”. The hosts help restaurants and cafes that are struggling to find their way.

Caroline is a food photographer and food blogger who runs a “Sugarberry” blog. He has nearly 71,000 followers on social media.

Caroline focuses on plant-based foods and smoothie bowls. They look so decorative and delicious that you can’t stop rolling through the bait. Your Instagram feed is highly recommended!

Laura is a food photographer and works with her food stylist Nora. The girls live in Berlin and start as food bloggers to help intolerant people.

Now they shoot for famous customers and have a huge following base on social media.  Laura and Nora have dream food photography that takes you to the wonders of food. Her good food photography is inspired by nature. The girls love organic and fresh sanien from the farmer’s market.

They also have a series called Dinner Stories. It illuminates the social aspects of eating and preparing food – even if you have an intolerance.

Andrew is a New York Times photographer who has also written a book called “That Photo Making Me Hungry”. He is also a director and producer and has worked on several projects.

She has big eyes in the detail, and her food photography will keep you hungry!

Burt won several awards and is based in Los Angeles. He traveled the world for 12 years when he filmed and directed the world-famous clientele.

His clients include Lonely Planet, Forbes Traveler, Ritz Carlton, and Hallmark.

Skyler pays attention to every detail in his food photography. He also dominated beverage photography and posed for drinks.

He offered food photography courses and also had Youtube channels.

Kimberly is a photographer, stylist, blogger, and educator. Her blog is called The Little Plantation. She shares vegan recipes in addition to her delicious food photos.

He also offered courses and workshops. He also works for restaurants, cafes, and cookbooks as a photographer. Kimberly photographed the iconic food and overhead shots.

Bea won several awards and worked with clients such as Waitrose, Quaker, and Vitamix.

He claims that he takes pictures of food, not because he had a passion for cameras or lenses. But because he has a passion for food. Bea considers food to be more than consolidated ingredients.

“It’s a sense of memories of our childhood. This is a comfortable breakfast in bed. These are the precious moments that are swirled around the table with our family and friends. I shoot because I’m passionate about the world. Frequently skipped details are not visible.”

She loves to experiment with light and also has great drinking photography.

Rachel is an Australian food photographer from Vancouver. He specializes in editorial and style food.

He has a lot of attention to detail and loves to play with lighting conditions. Food photography contains many textures and closures.

He traveled a lot in his early twenties. At that time she met her husband, who became known to her with her second love, photography. Rachel claims that if she’s an emoji, she’ll be a fist bump.

Mauro has an award-winning photography studio based in Milan. He has a partner after producer Mattia Giani. Both combine their experience and professional skills to create hyperactive studios.

Its customers include McDonald’s Italia, Olitalia, and Barilla.

Julia won several awards and focused on her quiet life and food photography. Images of food are moody, dark, and reminiscent of Renaissance paintings. She loves to find the beauty hidden in her surroundings.

“I think it’s possible to show the beauty of things that aren’t perfect, quiet. The beauty of conventional and unconventional items. Simple things can reflect human desires, abilities, hidden feelings, stories.”

Isabella is a silent life and award-winning food photographer. Food photography is very dynamic and has a lot going on.

He has several sparks and smashes that contain incredible footage of food action. Isabella works with clients such as Baileys, Galileo Foods, and Goodwolf.

Carl Warner went to art school to be an illustration but discovered his passion for photography.

It has a unique style that includes food scenes. It is a delicious landscape built in Essen. The bottom consists of pizza, gingerbread, salami, or pasta. Dream of all!

His preserved photographs are also very descriptive and creative. Carl also works in the advertising industry and directs some food advertising.

Mowie is a professional food photographer based in London. He has been working in the industry for more than ten years. FoodPhotography covers a wide range of topics. Mowie’s work includes books, editorials, packaging, and advertising.

Among his customers are Harrods, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, KFC, and Caffe Nero. His work has appeared in Food & Travel Magazine and Martha Stuart Living.

Mowie’s food photos often have natural light. It uses a black or grey background to create contrast e.G. with bright colors of the food theme. His food photography is reminiscent of Britain: they resemble grey skies and green fields.

Joanie is a professional food photographer and blogger from Arizona. In addition to photography, she also teaches Food Style. Joanie also has a Youtube channel called The Bite Shot.

He worked with several food customers, including Ocean Halo and Shamrock Farms. Joanie shared on her blog that she was an alcoholic for years and found her passion to help her get up.

You can see this passion in his Youtube food photography and videos.

“Eating is my therapy and the creative branch that brings intense happiness to my everyday life.”

Francesco is an Italian food photographer, food stylist, and chef. His portfolio includes cookbooks, magazine photography, restaurant photography, and food projects.

Tonelli works with clients such as Chipotle, Coca-Cola, and Pure Leaf. His masterpiece and style are very diverse. He has an excellent ability to adapt to his client’s style.

The food pictures are above and can turn a simple meal into amazing creations.


This list is incomplete but contains some of the best food photographers in the world. As you may notice, they have a variety of backgrounds and take different ways to get to food photography.

Some focus on their social media presence. Others publish their iconic food photos in ads and cookbooks.

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