Product Photography Pricing Image Use Vs Day Rate


Product Photography Pricing Image Use Vs Day Rate

Product photography pricing, Hey I’m honest Ramona she’s at work where it’s all about production, marketing and building a color portfolio. One of the questions that I get a lot from people just entering commercial photography is about pricing. Today, I’m breaking down the difference between usage rights and a creative fee and Wendy use, which one pricing and estimating for commercial photography is an art form in and of itself. So I’m not going to cover everything in this article but make sure you stick around to the end with a article, because I have a very cool download that I think you’ll appreciate. I’M going to show you how to differentiate between the two different line items and when to charge for which one it’s a little bit tricky and there is actually no right or wrong answer. I’M going to give you my take and you can go from there. Usage rates are fees associated with images; it would be on a per image basis for designated period of time, with a specific usage in mind, so, for example, web use or print or print and web billboards.

The Five Types of Ecommerce Product Photos

That kind of thing, so you would want to clarify those things within the usage terms. Usually it’ll appear on the estimate as blank amount of dollars per image, and then the time line would be outlined in the terms. The price for image is going to vary on a job by job basis, depending who the client is and depending on what their usage is for the images. So there’s no hard and fast rule to this, which makes it a little tricky to navigate. For example, a small mom-and-pop is not going to be paying as high usage rate as a large brand. That has greater exposure, and that has a lot more of the budgets, and you also would want to clearly outline what the renewal fees would be so that the client knows if they want to renew the images for a longer period of time. They would pay as much dollars.

Creative fees are fees associated with your time and your talent as a photographer. This is usually based on a per day basis, and usually this is standard from job to job. Although again, this may look different if you’re, quoting on a smaller job versus a larger job, now we know the terms. So when are we going to use each of them? Some people will separate these into separate line items and some people will lump them together. I’M a big proponent of separating the line items and there are a few reasons why I think this your creative fee is essentially the same as any other crew number that’s working on the shoot, so you wouldn’t not pay your crew. So why would you not be yourself? The photography usage fee, on the other hand, is for the use of the images themselves and serves that very specific purpose. It’S important to educate your client on the difference of those two things that your time and creative talent is separate from the image as a product that they’re going to use, go out and use and have the rights to use.

So it’s important for them to understand that it’s also important for you to differentiate between the two of them if you’re just getting started. I know that this seems overwhelming and it can seem daunting, but it does come become easier with practice. If you set these standards early on, your client will get used to them, and then, when you raise your prices, it will be clearer what what you’re raising what you’re, raising your creative fees or if the image rates rates are changing. It’S also easier to explain to clients that how renewal fees work when you’ve shown them the price that they’re paying per image upfront and then what the renewal fees would be. You can use that to show value now. You know the difference between usage rights and creative fees and know when to use one or the other or both. If that’s the direction you choose to go, if you want an estimate template that has the line-item structures, the way that I do, you can go ahead and download my free estimate template, so you can go ahead and just insert your numbers on a job by job Basis, you can get the download of the link up above or down below in the notes.

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