Pizza Stock Photos Ridiculous Stock Challenge


Pizza Stock Photos Ridiculous Stock Challenge

Pizza stock photos, So good to see you. Now, stock photos are normally used by companies for PowerPoints, promotional material, overall generic imagery. And while some stock photos are useful, others will never, ever be needed. In a million years, throughout history and time in all possibilities, you will never need some stock photos, including the ones I’m going to show you today. But we’ve taken these ridiculous photos, and we’ve added one thing. You have to look at them, figure out what that one thing is that we added, and if you get three out of five of these correct, you win a prize fit for a stock photo king. It’s time for.

Pepperoni Pizza — Stock Photo © imagesetc #30103299

Little Kid Rock action? You remember that. Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, the best musical union in history? Yeah. No, it’s also very unmemorable. Sorry, Kid.

Rockster. Take a look at your first photo of some friends hanging. Who did we add? Oh, my goodness. We added one of these people. It has to be the guy in the cart, but hold on. That’s right.

That’s what you want to think. That’s what you wanna think, isn’t it? That’s so. Such a weird photo. I can. I can remove. If I remove the cart guy, what is the guy who’s pushing him’s hands on? So you would’ve had to have added both of them. So I think, as a unit.

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You’re saying only one person was added? Only one person was added. Well, then the cart and the dude with the big eyes are both legit. It’s gotta be the girl on the left, I think, because of his hands on the cart. I’m going with the girl on the far left. Link, you might be a natural. You are right. We added the girl! I know how to Photoshop! I Photoshopped that.

That’s how I knew. Oh, that. We should work on our systems. You don’t want me to be the one. Makes the game easy. No, I didn’t do it. I knew you were going to pick one of the guys on the right.

No, ’cause of the hands, man. Oh, wow. But let. First of all… Now, when you remove the girl, you’ve got lots of room to put, like, some really good copy, like.

Or something. That’s a great candidate. Like for a. For the test. For, you know, a cart theft awareness.

– Cart awareness. Poster. Give me another one. Let’s see how good you are at this.

Here’s a photo of a totally normal office situation. What did we add? Both of these people look fake. Well, yeah. Like, their faces. Don’t stare at them too long. Oh, and now I’m noticing she’s holding a huge phone. Yeah, that is the new iPhone X-tra large.

And the other guy’s got a really small phone. First of all, if it’s not the phone, someone made a phone that big. Man, I don’t think it’s the phone ’cause that’s too obvious. Think we’re trying to throw you off, huh? It’s the woman on the right. No, Link, it’s the man on the left! Oh, I was so close! Yeah, she’s gotta be alone with that big ‘ol phone because she’s ordering horsemeat on the Dark Web. In a middle school hallway. Yes.

All right, Link, you’re not perfect. Dang it. Next up, we have a photo that expresses some evocative emotion. Ew. What did we add? Now, am I mistaken, or is there a superimposed face and hands on a woman’s knee? Yeah, that’s true. You’re not mistaken. That is what’s happening.

Thank goodness you’re also seeing that. The head over the knee makes no sense, but if you take that away… You’re saying the hands on the knee do make sense? The hands and the head together, I’m saying, make no sense. Okay. If you take that away, this kind of makes sense.

Okay. So what are we taking away? What did we add? The heads with the hands cover. The head with the hands covering it on the knee makes no sense. That has to be what was added. Link, you’re wrong. We added the thing to the left. Seriously? From what, another stock photo? No, this is just an ad for Proactiv.

But you took another stock photo of the woman’s face uncovered. Yeah. And put it over there. You know, because they come in series. Yeah, they come in series. When you find the woman on the knee, then you find the woman not on the knee. You know how it is.

That is so disturbing. If you’re gonna get that woman sitting there with her head in her hands, you’re gonna take multiple photos and add it to the website. Where did they find that woman who’s on a knee? I think it’s just a conjoined twin. This one really sets a scene. What did we add to the photo? Oh, she’s spying on them. I’m going to give you a hint here. It could be the smallest details.

So the woman spying through the glass window. She’s very subtle about it, by the way. It’s not her. Or it could be a detail about her. It’s not her twin that’s on the date. It’s not..

This is not a place where you drink wine like that. I think the wine glasses are very. Logic doesn’t apply to stock photos. I’m still applying it. It’s the wine glasses. It’s the wedding ring! Even smaller than that, Link.

You added a wedding band? Charlie Chinstrap is single, ladies. Look at him. Dang it. He’s got two ladies fighting over him and his red wine. All right, I only got one right. Yeah, you started so strong and are ending very weak. Yeah.

Let’s just see can go out on a victory, ’cause you’ve already lost the ability to get three out of five. Okay. Now, this next photo’s a bit suggestive, so, kids, avert your eyes. What did we add, Link? What did add to this… Un-distasteful photo? This is a disturbing photo.

What is this guy, a physician’s assistant? I mean, a doctor can’t get away with shirtlessness. Yeah, I think this is for, like, an HMO. Yeah, you get what you pay for, people. You know what I’m saying? I do the PPO. I don’t know about the HMO. I know what you’ve done here. I know what you’ve done.

Judging by the size of that guy’s head in relationship to his body, that is not the right head on that body. Link. What are you laughing at? Link, you’ve lost your bearings, man. We added more pants. Oh, what the crap? Are you freakin’.

No, that’s what it was. This is a good time to remind you guys to get your annual flu shot and rectal exam. And, Link, unfortunately, you’re not gonna walk away with this nice piece of stock photography. I’m just gonna keep this by my bedside where it already was. Oh, goodness. Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is.

I’m Jess. I’m Andrew. We’re in Melbourne, Australia, and it’s time to spin the Wheel Of Mythicality. Well, lookit there. Click the bottom link to watch this episode from the beginning. And click the top link to watch Ellie test our knowledge of all the crazy celebrity couples you forgot existed. And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land.

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