Photoshoot Near Me Easy Photoshoot Location Ideas


Photoshoot Near Me Easy Photoshoot Location Ideas

Photoshoot near me, Hey guys Ryan here at Signature, Edits and today, I’m gon na be sharing my top 10 photography locations with you.. You got it. Because when it comes to planning a photo shoot, finding a great location can be the trickiest part., Especially if you’ve kind of used up all the spots around your town., I mean if you’re in a small town, it can be even trickier. If you’re In a big city, maybe have some more advantages, but there’s also disadvantages.

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For instance, there’s no nature near you.. We’Re gon na look at ten spots that almost every single town will have that are. My go-to is when it comes to planning a portrait or fashion editorial or even an engagement or wedding shoot.. Let’S dive in and I’ll show you how.

Alright, so photoshoot location number one is textured walls.. Honestly, a boring old wall can be the perfect background because it doesn’t draw attention away from your subject. Plus walls reflect and bounce lights, so your subject will likely get some backlight or wrap around light reflected on the wall.. So, whether it’s a plain wall or a colored wall to add more interest, just keep an eye open when you pass buildings and you look for interesting, textures or colors, or even a plain texture of color or an interesting light., For instance, this wall would actually be Pretty ugly by itself, but because of the angle of the light coming down here, it looks really great.

Photoshoot location number, two industrial parks., So this is kind of going off of. Where do I find walls in the first place? Industrial parks is a perfect place to find interesting, textures and colors and geometry and leading lines. All sorts of things., Because there’s so much going on in industrial parks and because they’re not kept up to look perfect and pretty.. So here we’ve got.

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I don’t even know it might be a trash bin or it might just be a aluminum sided door. Whatever it is. It’S very interesting for photos and lends itself greatly., So you can find different lighting different textures, especially if you can get a big warehouse.

You’Ve got some nice depth there to work, with. Or even finding equipment, (, Obviously without breaking any laws or rules ). You want to be careful about this, but it can be a perfect place to find interesting, photo shoot. Locations. Photo shoot. Location number three is greenhouses., So if you’re in a small town, maybe you don’t instantly, have a greenhouse in mind that you have access to, but almost every town I know of has some kind of a grower or a nursery for plants.

Chances. Are there is one near you you just might not know about it. Yet most of these places have public access or if they don’t, you can ask, and they will gladly let you, in their name in exchange for sending a few photos. You’d. Be amazed what you can ask get just by asking And why are greenhouses great Because they have so many different colors textures and the lighting is fantastic, because you’ve got really soft light coming from all angles, because there’s so many windows in a greenhouse., Photoshoot location number. Four is graffiti.

So finding spots with graffiti. If you’re struggling, the local skateboard park is pretty much a sure bet. And again it’s just all about color and texture and interest in your photos.. Here I really love this guy because it’s color-coordinated, so you have that background. Assisting in the photo it’s not just random..

In the same way, these two are wearing kind of punk s clothing. So it really blends with the background of the graffiti. Number five for photoshoot locations, that are my go-to s is water. Pretty much anywhere with water.. If you’re by the ocean go to the ocean, if you’re by lake go to the lake, if you’re by a river, you got it go to the river, because you’ve got so many reflections coming off. The water you’ve got different puddles going on, you’ve, got textures and there’s something about water that is just vibey, so find water and you’re pretty much going for a sure thing.

If you have an ocean near you, maybe you’ve got a harbor, you can go to or a marina. Those are fantastic places both for interesting buildings and also for textures, going on in colors, with different boats and leading lines, because you’ve got the symmetry of the docks same thing. If you’re, even inland – and you don’t have access to the ocean, go to a little marina somewhere, you’ve got all the boats lined up and perhaps vistas of the city. In the background, you don’t necessarily even need a lake or a river. Just keep your eye open. Maybe there’s a puddle near the spot, you’re already shooting and you can get some interesting reflections off of there photoshoot location number five is rooftops. Rooftops are pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

Why? Well, maybe it’s just because we weren’t allowed but to get up on them when we were kids, but even though access can sometimes be a little difficult once you find a spot they’re, pretty much quiet and private to the extreme. You also get a view from above. So it doesn’t have to be a rooftop necessarily, you can maybe even just use a Ledge or a high sidewalk, whatever it is, but basically you just want to get high and no, I don’t mean in like the recreational sense. I mean high elevation, wise photoshoot location number. Seven, my go-to is find a staircase staircases are absolutely fantastic spots for portraits because they give lots of natural leading lines and often have interesting angles and textures going on so sitting standing walking up walking down. It really doesn’t matter you have so many different angles as well as action shots that you can get when you’re on a stairway photos. Location number, eight is parking lots, so pretty much.

Every town in the world has a park, if not a parking garage to work with, and those are fantastic places. Why? Because they’re dry, because they tend to be pretty private and because you have those interesting textures and angles and an architecture to work with. So they combine multiple locations in one really you’re, getting a rooftop staircases, an industrial setting, interesting textures lots of depth and geometry and as a bonus parking lots are pretty much the perfect spot. If the light outside is terrible, because the light inside a parking lot is most of the time pretty soft photoshoot location number, nine is any place that is broken down. Pretty much look for old stuff, there’s something cool about old stuff, that’s just cool! So hipsters have already nailed that one as we know, old, junk shops or even pawn shops are fantastic places to just find old stuff and go around their photo shoot location. Number 10 head on in to nature. You don’t necessarily have to have a cool vibe, a spot to take amazing photos.

You can head out into what God has already created for us. Awesome, trees, rivers, tint bushes, whatever you name it head out into a field and get creative alright, so that does it for our top 10 photography locations that are easily accessible to pretty much everybody on this planet. I hope this was helpful for you and it helps to spark some ideas when it comes to finding locations of your own. Just looking for interesting, textures, colors locations, geometry places that are gon na have great light and just adding something interesting to tie in your photos and tell a story whether it’s a textured wall, industrial parks, greenhouses graffiti water, rooftops, staircases, parking lots pretty much anything old or Broken down or a good old fashioned mother nature, you never have to run out of photoshoot locations again. Alright, if you have a location that I’ve missed. Please leave it in the comments below don’t forget to Like and share. If this was helpful and check out our next article take care, you.

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