Hot Chocolate Baby Photoshoot Tips For Stunning


Hot Chocolate Baby Photoshoot Tips For Stunning

Hot chocolate baby photoshoot, Here is our friend is he she runs an incredible food blog called top with cinnamon, which is so good. She turned it into a book child’s desire from search for sexy. Looking food on the internet. You will have readn her work. So therefore, we’re here today to learn the basics of stunning food photography. Now cooking, beautiful food is one thing, but taking beautiful photos is a whole nother, so I don’t know much about it. I’M here to learn. What’S the first thing we should be looking out for? Oh first off, then you talk about light, so natural light is the most important thing because as a really nice color to it and also good kind of like directional hit, so you get a nice light side light or back light to your food.

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Also, artificial lights can be too harsh or if they can cast a kind of like yellow or blue tone, you want to avoid light bulbs and sheep or outside or by window yeah. You can shoot outside. Sometimes, if it’s like a nice kind of cloudy day – and you get diffused light that way, but otherwise I like to shoot just right next to a window because that’s quite easy, but second of all, like I just talked about you, just need to have diffused light. So a cloudy day is perfect. Basically, or else you can take a bedsheet just like hang it up next to your window, it will diffuse the light and kind of soften it, so the shadows aren’t too strong and light, and then you’ll just get a nice kind of soft shadow and your food And it will look beautiful,

There are kind of two main angles that I would use so either top down where you’re shooting, with the camera lens above the food. That’S really good for phones, because the camera works really well with that kind of angle, and second of all, I like to shoot kind of straight on or just with a little bit of an angle on it. I call it freakin triangle I’ll like pull out and then it means that I’ll have a nice big shot of everything. So you can kind of read the whole scene and the different composition of this dish exactly and then you can go straight in and get like.

Textures in the actual food and read what details like dripping, chocolate or, like you know some yeah, it’s all about smell what yeah and the texture, so I’m putting a vampire yeah cool you’ll want to have different backgrounds or fabrics which you can shoot on. So I have lots of pieces of different woods that I’ve just found and just put together in a little square. You don’t need that much to kind of film the frame, the camera. At the end of the day, the food is the really important thing you have to make. It look really good.

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If it looks good to the naked eye, then it’s going to look good on your phone or on your camera. You know any post editing that you add later on. It’S just going to make it look better, but if the food doesn’t look good at first you’re not going to make it look good, but just by like editing it later on three main things that you’ll need for food. Photography are fire, so each shutter, speed and aperture. So first we’re going to talk about ISO, which is kind of how sensitive the camera is to light. So the higher the ISO, the more sensitive the camera is to light. The only problem is the higher the ISO. The grainier the photo will become so ideally, you want to keep the ISO quite low.

I like to shoot around 200 or 400, So that’s quite a good level. You won’t get too much grain if there’s a max if you’re shooting with natural diffused light but yeah exactly so. Aperture is kind of the one that I really like to adjust because you change how much is in focus. So if you have a low aperture, which is like a small number, then it means that less will be in focus and I normally shoot at about 3.2, which means it will have like the foreground in focus. But then things in the background will be nice and blurry, so you get that, like nice effect, shutter speed, kind of is how fast the camera will take. The photo

So I shoot around 100th of a second. If you’ve got quite low light, then what you can do is you can put your camera on a tripod if you have one, and that means that there’s more stability, so you can have a slower, shutter speed and look at more if you like, blur the photos Based on age, won’t move yeah as White’s coming in just takes me back to my pinhole camera days. If you have a DSLR one of the really good things that you can control is a thing called raw, and it means that the photos that you take won’t be compressed and compression is where basically, they take all the little kind of details of your file, and They swish it up into one little ball so that it makes it a smaller file, size, easy to transfer yeah exactly, and it takes up less space on your computer and everything.

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