Food Styling And Photography

Food Styling And Photography Tips To Next Level


Food Styling And Photography Tips To Next Level

Food styling and photography tips to next level. While portrait photographers have to deftly make the art of letting their subjects rest in front of the camera to get good shots, our food photographers have easier things. At least our subjects (mostly) cannot speak.

Food Styling And Photography
Food Styling And Photography

But that doesn’t mean you have to forget to apply a little charm in the food style department.

The more time it spends making as interesting a meal as possible, the easier things are when it comes to taking pictures.

Here are 10 tips to help you improve your food style, of course.

1. Use foods that are smaller than usual

While serving high-arranged plates of food may seem more generous, overcrowded plates may seem less attractive than minimalist spreads. Think about how you can use white space dishes to develop your dishes.

2. Use paper to add texture to the plate

Layered sheets with parchment or baking paper helps to arouse visual interest and soften your plate lines.

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3. Find different backgrounds

Although there are times when all whites can be visually interesting, I find that I get better shots when I go for contrast. Thus, pale dishes and dishes get a dark background, whereas colorful dishes are best with a simple white background.

4. Let food overflow naturally

Being a little messy really helps to add movement and life to your pictures instead of limiting everything to plates and bowls.

5. Choose simple crockery and cutlery

Although the Chinese themselves are very decorative and wonderful, they can reduce the visual effects of food. Regular dishes, especially classic whites, make the food strong.

6. Emphasize the beauty of nature food

Try to think about what makes a particular dish look delicious and then serve it with a way to show it.

For example, I love golden, well-fried chicken chips skin. Instead of carving into individual slices with small pieces of visible skin, the whole bird tends to see the best.

7. Get some shots in the works

It’s easy to focus on getting the last layered food and missing some great opportunities along the way. Try multiple shots during the preparation and cooking process.

8. Try to catch the “yum” factor

Think about what makes your subject really delicious and then aim to highlight these features in your recordings. Ice cream is a great example. It’s about smooth cream and licking drops from the sides of your cone or bowl.

Always be careful with ideas

Inspiration can attack from anywhere. If you eat or even just grin through the mag of your favorite foods, pay attention to what looks interesting and what doesn’t.

10. Digging and restarting

Once you have a shot of the whole bowl you like, eat or serve and then another shot. Often the half-finished plate is deeper than the entire original.

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