Food Photography Business

We Can Do Food Photography Business From Home


We Can Do Food Photography Business From Home

We can do food photography business from home. For over fifteen years, my wife and I have been supporting our family with home-made grocery stores, including Food Photography. Food photography is the natural progression of my two favorite hobbies, photography, and cooking.

Maybe it will be the same for you and you can earn extra money every month with food photography as I do.

But first, what is Food Photography Business? Food Photography Business is a company that provides photo-shooting services for various food products for others. Food Photographer’s customers include publishers, food manufacturers, restaurants, and more.

Let’s go into what exactly a food store like this is and if you can start a food photography business from home.

Food Photography Business
Food Photography Business

Business description of a more complete food photographer

At its core, this business model only provides great food pickup and processing services that others use for their own food businesses.

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You will be surprised at how many people buy the work of food photographers.

Food photographers sell their work to:

1. Marketing and advertising companies
2. Local grocery store
3. Recipe Designer
4. Local restaurants
5. Food bloggers as stock photos
6. Cookbook author
7. Online publishers other than stock photos
8. Magazines

As I said, I have enjoyed photography as a hobby, and since I was a child. I received my first camera as a gift when I was about 13 warm, and have been taking photos ever since.

When our first baby was born, my family improved my camera so they could have a better picture of their grandchildren. That was when I started selling stock photos, including food photos and other items that companies and marketers needed to do their job.

The cool thing about selling stock pictures is that once you get the pictures on the stock photo page, it just sits there and continues to produce months after months and year after year.

I’ve had pictures of food that have given me hundreds of dollars over the last ten years. Another photo made me 75 dollars in purchase and then appears on the billboard!

My stock photo is the best kind of side hustle for me; the hobbies I like bring in additional income every month, will build up the skills I use in my other food businesses. I like it.

To be honest, I don’t think you can make a lot of money by selling stock photography, but I think you can generate a good side income by doing what I do… Enjoy hobbies and constructive skills.

With better skills, you can go in a different way to earn money as a home food photographer.

PS If you want to hear more about how I sell my stock photos, be sure to tell me in the comments below. I really wanted to write the article, but it would move to the top of my list if I knew a few people would be waiting.

Offers Food Photography as a service for Recipe Designers & Editbook Writers
The next step I take with my home food photography business is to take photos for other online entrepreneurs.

We do this mainly together with working as a recipe designer and working as a recipe tester. Works like this can be found on many independent websites.

Food Photographer for Local Business

Here you can earn real money as a food photographer. We were all in local restaurants, saddleless less than their food pictures on their walls, on their menus, and even in their ads.

Once you have a good portfolio of food images, it becomes easier to approach this business. Presentations like this can often give you a few hundred dollars or so, and if you play properly, discounts or free meals for a long time!

I love shooting for local businesses. It builds on the recognition of your local name and network, which will pay off for the rest of your life.

Food Photography for Magazine and Marketing Companies – Big Money

I am not at this point, and I will not be. That’s because it’s not the way for me, but it doesn’t mean it’s not your way.

If you want to get your home-based food photography business to a full-time job where you get paid thousands of each photoshoot, I would encourage you to start with one or smaller versions of this business that I describe above.

To get your first big food photography show, you need an incredible food image portfolio and you’ll probably also earn extra money while practicing your skills and building that portfolio.

You also need a solid marketing plan to build your photo brand, but this is a discussion for other items. PS If you are waiting for the article, let me know in the comments below.

An alternative name for Food Photographer Business

1. Independent food photographer
2. Gig Food Photographer
3. Food Photo EditorPros Start FoodPhotography


1. High demand for this service as a freelancer.
2. Is the highest value ability for other home food companies that you could start.
3. Operating costs are very low.
4. Works well as a small start that can improve over time.
5. When you create a food image inventory, you can earn money for your month even after months. The disadvantages of starting a food photography business from home
6. The initial cost is simple as you need at least one qualified camera (or smartphone), photo editing software, lighting, and props.
7. This can be a constant increase in cost if you really like photography. Every photographer I know is always looking for the next gear.
8. Weaknesses work for other companies, the amount you generate from each image is not good. However, the cost of each photo is almost free, except for your time. When you get better, it takes a long time for the food picture to go a long way.

Fees for setting up a Home Food Photography Business

The food photography business can start with a tight budget if you need to.

With just one smartphone with a good camera and some free photo editing software, you can go on to distribute stock food photos for food bloggers to buy for use on their website.

Of course, you have better products (food pictures) if you have better cameras, lighting, and editing software.

But if you start the way I do, start with the freest things you’ll find, and then bootstrap yourself to the cool tool of the photography trade.

Is the Food Photography Business a side business or a full-time home business?

To be honest, for most food photographers, this is a side business.

But, this is a great side business if you like to enjoy photography and food. What’s better than earning extra money, doing something you like? And don’t forget that converting a lover’s hobby into a bony home business can have some significant tax benefits (but ask your tax expert).

To be clear, I’m not saying this can’t be a full-time business, but if you reach that level, you’ve achieved too much for most of your friends’ food photographers.

If you don’t have a robust photo business, I would encourage you to start this as a site busy and grow into what should be for you.

How much money can you earn as a food photographer?

As a homemade food photographer, you can make a place between a few dollars a month and a good life. It just depends on how much you put into it.

For me as a food photographer, I was born out of my need for food photos for our fast food delivery business and our home-based food blog.

But just because I started supporting my other grocery store, the non-food photo kept me next to a good crowd. I have dozens of food pictures on some stock photo sites, and I sell pictures on these sites every month.

I’m not rich in these pictures, but they bought me dinner a few times a year and I haven’t put both jobs in it for years.

As my other business slows down, I’ll spend a little more time offering more stock photos for sale, and I know I can increase my monthly sales in just a few business days because I already have thousands of images that I can edit and offer.

I don’t think I can live a full-time living as a food photographer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. I think I can wake up to a few hundred a months if I store pictures quickly.

I’ve also made as much as 500 dollars to shoot individual meals at local restaurants and I’m sure I can order it more often if I do marketing efforts.

What is the profit margin for a food photography company?

Their overheads in companies like this are very low.

In the age of digital photography, once you have the equipment and software, your cost of creating a new product (pictured) is almost non-essential. Sure, you will invest your time, but hardly any cost to those who were.

How long does it take to build a food photography business?

It’s not a fast start-up business.

When you start selling inventory images, it will take some time to create your inventory.

If you start offering gig services as a freelancer, it will take some time to build returning customers. And before you can even start trying it out, you need a portfolio to show potential customers (Hint: Create this portfolio by selling stock images).

Don’t expect to make as much money as a homemade food photographer for at least six months, and maybe more. But if this is a site that is based on the hobby you like, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Time to run a food photography business from home

The business is really flexible. Sure, once you start a booking plan with a local restaurant, you have some time commitments, but until then you can run a homemade food photography store if you want.

Heck, I often edit food photos while I watch TV.

It’s a danger to run a food photography business

It’s not a complex business. Surely you need to know where to sell your stock food pictures. And, yes, you need a marketing plan to get a presentation with a specific food blogger.

If you want to shoot for a local restaurant, you need a good set of marketing documents and recommendations to get started.

But if you need a little help with these things, let me know in a comment or by email.

Do you need employees to run a food photography business?

You don’t need any employees to run a food photography business. Honestly, I’m not sure why you need an employee in this food business idea.

I think one day you might get to the point where you want your personal assistant to help you run your social media profile that helps you grow your brand and business.

However, it’s a street on the street, and when you reach that moment, I’ll save a lot of pain and give you a course that shares what I’ve learned about hiring a virtual personal assistant. Tell me in the comments if you are willing to hire a personal assistant.


I love being a food photographer.

But honestly, I’m not great. Although I’m a good photographer, I’m not a great photographer. I don’t have a good eye for staging a table to make pop pictures of my food. And my photo editing skills are pretty simple, even though I used some pretty good software.

Instead of disappointing you, this acceptance should inspire you!

If a half-ass food photographer like me can earn extra money in addition to selling stock photos of food, makes all my own food blogs and recipe book pictures, and sometimes does local business photo shoots, imagine what you can do!

If you love photography and food, start today with the homemade food photography shop and enjoy the journey!

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