Food Photographer Near

Food Photographer Near Me Shoot Iphone Like A Pro


Food Photographer Near Me Shoot iPhone Like A Pro

Food Photographer Near Me. Hey: what’s up everyone how’s it going today we’re gon na be shooting some food, but we’re not gon na, be using our big old DSLRs. No! No! No, today, I’m gon na show you how to shoot some amazing food photography using your iPhone.

Food Photographer Near
Food Photographer Near

This read is being sponsored by the great people over at the wonderful online learning community Skillshare, but more on that in just a bit. Alright, so using their smartphone to take pictures of those tasty recipes. You’Re cooking up is really not much different than your giant DSLR. The only niceties that you get with the bigger cameras are things like resolution: critical focus, depth of field lens selection. You know things like that that come with the more expensive cameras, but the lighting, the composition, the styling, the editing

Those things remain the same, no matter What kind of camera you’re using so in this read, I’m gon na show you how to get the most out of your smartphone, how to get hands-free with it, whether you’re, shooting from in front of the food or above the Table that way, You’Re not fidgeting around With your composition, I’m also going to show you how to use Lightroom mobile as a camera app and as an editing app, because Lightroom Mobile is a great camera app as well.

It has a ton of really cool features for customizing your exposure, and then you can turn around and edit those photos just as quick and easily as you could in Lightroom on your computer, using the sliders using presets and all that really cool fun stuff. And then you can get those photos out onto the web quickly onto Instagram and all that stuff. So let’s grab the camera, that’s always with us and get the shooting

I think for most people who are shooting with their smartphones for food photography are probably gon na Look to work with some natural lights. So I hunted around my house and I found that the sliding glass door in my bedroom had some beautiful natural light streaming through. It I’M gon na use this large oval diffuser to modify some of this direct natural light, Just cram it in the window there. This is gon na give me some beautiful soft highlights and shadows on my table.

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Personally, I like to scooch my table right up against the window right up against the diffuser. That way, I get the best available light, but for this tutorial I need to leave a little bit of space, so I can place a light stand here and give you guys an overhead camera angle of what I’m doing. But then I got my tabletop setup just place my surface on the tabletop and I’m ready to set up the camera.

I jump back here into the studio because it was getting a little bright out there with all that natural light, and I wanted to show you all the cool features that the Lightroom app has for taking photos. Alright. So inside the app you have your catalog of images and down here at the bottom. You have this little blue camera icon. At first glance. It doesn’t really look much different, but press on this menu over here where it says auto and then I’ll switch it to professional mode.

Now I get a bunch more control over the camera. I can change my white balance to tungsten florescent, daylight, cloudy or a custom setting. I think I’ll, stick with my daylight for my natural light environment. But later I’m gon na jump in here with the phone and start shooting with my tossed in lights inside the studio then over here I can control the ISO with this slider from 25 all the way up to 1600 and the same with the shutter speed.

With this slider, I can move it up and down to really nail that exposure now up here. With these three little dots I get my favorite features. One is, I can change the aspect ratio of the frame by four by three or sixteen by nine or one to one in case.

You want to check what parts of your images your cropping off for read or Instagram. You also have the timer. You have multiple different grid overlays to help out with composition. I personally like the overlay with the most lines. I use these grid lines to line up my props and fabrics to make sure that they’re, in line with the edge of my frame and also in this menu, is the level which I’ll turn on because man that is my biggest struggle with the phone

I guess because it it tilts so easily in my hand, so this level has markers to make sure that the image is level left to right and and top to bottom as well. This is super important for when you’re taking those flat lay images, because a little tilt left or right or top-to-bottom could make it look like the food and all the props are just sliding off the frame over.

Here you can turn on to show, highlight clipping areas or parts of your photo that are overexposed I’ll turn that on as well and last but not least, is this button to control manual focus? This is really cool and you’ll read it in a little bit. Basically, as you slide it back and forth, it adds these green little highlights to tell you whether or not you’re in focus alright, that’s it for customizing the camera app on my phone.

Let’S get this up and over the table for some tasty natural light. Goodness now I personally like to use a tripod, but I’m shooting on my phone up and over the table. It just gives me so much more stability and allows me to style.

You know kind of hands-free and look at the screen. At the same time Now, if you’re shooting food photography with your smartphone, I would recommend that you get at least these two pieces of gear. One would be a tripod with a center column that can stretch out and over the table.

The second piece of gear here that I recommend is this little super clamp they’re, really useful in the studio they’re cheap they’re, like 25 bucks I’ll place. The link in the description you attach the tripod base to the bottom of the super clamp click that onto your tripod twist that up and slide your phone. In give this a little twist and your phone is clamped down and secure, I’m sure there’s a ton of great solutions out there for holding your phone, but I had all this gear lying around the studio anyways and it’s just perfect for a hands-free smartphone photography.

All right they set up the camera. I’M gon na turn a white balance to daylight. The ISO I’m gon na turn to 100. Then for the shutter speed you can read that I have that clipping highlights turned on. So, as I slide it, you can read these little zebra lines here.

Warning me that my highlights are overexposed now for the manual exposure. I don’t know if you can read this here, but as I slide it back and forth these little green highlights up here, letting me know when I’m properly in focus now, once I’m in focus I’ll just take the picture, I’m on experiment with a little white car To bounce some of this beautiful natural light back into my photo, or maybe even a black card to flag off some of that light at the top of the frame there, but that’s pretty much it for this photo

Let’S cook up another recipe, take this entire setup and move on into the studio, . Now I’m gon na light. This image with this go ducks SLB sixty constant light with this large softbox. Now, if you’re somebody who struggles with working with natural light or it’s cloudy outside all day or it’s winter, seven months out of the year, or something like that, if you’re in that situation, then you’re definitely going to want to pick up one of these lights.

I made a whole read about it. It’S right here, but this one’s a little bit more expensive because it comes with the battery, but they do make one that you plug straight into the wall and it’s around a hundred one hundred fifty dollars or something like that.

It’S perfect for that 24/7 year-around studio, photography. I think a big beginner mistake. A lot of people make when it comes to the lighting is not first figuring out where the viewer is in the photo. Before I move the light, I want to know where the viewer is going to be sitting. Is it gon na be here here here or here I mean that’s really going to affect the orientation of the photo? If the viewer is sitting here, then it most likely

Will be a horizontal, and I want to compose to that. If it’s over there it’s going to be a vertical, I always want to style to the viewers perspective now. For me, I kind of always like to have the light coming from opposite of the viewer. It kind of makes me uncomfortable when the light is passing through the viewers perspective for this photo. I don’t think I want to have direct side lighting from over here or over here. I think I want to actually angle this light in a little bit more one. More thing I want to do before I make this final image is actually use this white card to bounce. Some of this light.

Back into this shadow side, it was getting a little dark with the food on the shadow side. So I think this white card is gon na help out a lot. Alright right off the bat, it’s really dark, so I’m gon na change the shutter speed to 180th. Then I’m gon na switch my white balance to tungsten to match my constant lights.

The ISO is already set to 104 The manual focus. You can really read those green highlights. Now. Let me get my fingers out of the way there and once I have it in focus, I can take the picture now. Let’S jump into editing these two images. Okay for this natural light image with these beautiful peaches, I have this scroll bar with all of my available controls to edit with I’m gon na start.

With the light I’ll add some contrast and as I drag this slider, you can read that it removes the overlay while I’m sliding, so I can read the effects that it has on the image. I think I’ll go around, maybe 24. The contrast. The highlights look good, but maybe I’ll increase those shadows a little bit to or to around, maybe plus 40 ish

Now I’m gon na tap on the color icon as it’s looking a little bit warm. So I’m going to knock this temp down to around 4,800. I think that looks more accurate, the vibrance that mid-tone saturation I’ll bump up to around plus 20 and then I’ll move over to the effects icon for now I’ll go to the clarity and increase that to plus I don’t know, 20 ish is looking good and I Think the photo is still looking a little bit washed out so I’ll play with this dehaze slider and I think I’ll bump it up to about plus 20 as well over in the optics icon. I want to make sure that both remove chromatic aberrations and lens Corrections are enabled

Then I’m gon na scroll over to the selections tab. I think I want to brighten up those shadows on the plate there from the peaches, I’ll press, the plus icon and then the brush icon and then select a feathered, brush and paint on top of those shadows. Then I’ll hit the light icon down here and increase the exposure slider to well. I think around point. Eight is looking good and I’m done now.

I can share this photo with a couple of different options: tap on their share icon up top here, and you get a menu with the options. The top one here allows you to airdrop it to your computer or send it via email. Then you could also save it to your camera roll and just upload it to Instagram. I just love how easy that is, but I have one more cool thing. I want to show you back into the editing.

I pulled up the image that I shot in the studio now, if I scroll through the icons at the bottom here, all the way over to the right are your presets click up top here and you can scroll through all the different presets. You have synced with your desktop version of Lightroom and oh look. What I got here. We eat together, presets for food photographers and that’s just super exciting.

I just launched the 35 Lightroom food presets over on my site. We eat together, calm. You can go download them there for this shot. I can click through a few of them here, but I think I tested out the wild bass preset and it looks pretty good with just one click here are both photos after the editing you can read a little before and after version of each one of these Photos – and I really like how I was able to control the camera using the Lightroom app with my smartphone and, of course editing in Lightroom, is super easy, especially when you’re using the presets.

There are a lot of great presets in that package. Just makes life super simple, but do you know how its makes life super simple, Skillshare? This read is sponsored by skill share. If you haven’t heard of skill share people, it’s time to check them out. Skill share is an online learning community, with thousands of classes covering dozens of creative and entrepreneurial skills, explore classes and everything from photography and creative writing to marketing productivity and just so much more Premium.

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Skillshare click on my link right here to get two months of Skillshare premium for free I’ll place. That link in the description of this read below, but as always, if you like this read, please that come back button ring that notification Bell, give it some thumbs up, drop some comments down below. I love hearing from you guys and as always I’ll read you in the next one ,