Famous Nature Photographers Interview With Wildlife Photographer


Famous Nature Photographers Interview with Wildlife Photographer

Famous nature photographers, Hello, everyone: this is Amin Wilson from the Nocona via technical team, and today I’m at this will turn pale bird sanctuary she’s in a world without wildlife photographer mr. Attica rhamaswami. How did photography happen to you when I was in 10th standard? My father gifted me. First, camera, so it’s a you can say it’s a childhood hobby right from school to college. Usually I always carry a film with them loaded with new camera, those them, but there is no selfie, but I used to take my photograph. I never really function and I started as a travel photographic. I love to traveling.

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Whenever I go places I used to carry my camera just to capture the places to remain me, some memories. It started like that only but the serious the photograph has a serious hobby. I got my first d70 2004 after getting digital camera d70, the interest and taking photographs. Also, it’s a multi folder before we had to wait for developing and daddy. It took some time, but with the digital camera. As soon as I can see the result, it was really a magic box for me and I was shifted to from Chennai to I came to Delhi and daily. You know the place with the monuments and nature parks surrounding nature park and so good place to try ever photography.

It started like that. Only choosing anybody to honor in photography. Why do you choose wildlife? We were added to Silas when I started around people simple. I withstood, but for first time no Chloe, camera and Caitlin’s, you can’t say I just fell in love with the burst, was I was in there as soon as I come back. I got my tele lens and still no, there is more looking b-boy wildlife with a person. I was asking more many times for a while. If I specialize in bird salsa actually Tiger, the big cats have been photographed, many so many people for the Indian fauna and flora Boston and I started yet to see the beautiful birds why I thought I I fell in love with birds, so I specialize in bird Photography way means actually, each suit is different.

We have a thousand three hundred plus pieces of birds, so ye soup is different each every part. When I am going any city – and I know it’s like I love nature – nature is very inspiring. What’A graph is one thing, but to be in the nature going to for a seal, the places beautiful landscape. I really like. Let’S say I am it’s like a magnetic: once you go there, you want to go again and again, okay to be in the nature, photography surplus bow as a bonus I am take. You can be coming back memorable images. Also.

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I specialize in birds. I love in birds, my favorite place to sue birds are any for animals. I can say two places okay card, but National Park is one of my favorite place: Wow James hood, birds, elephants, animals and even landscape. Also forest is so beautiful and one more one. More other place, but uh put bear century. Okay, I can go anytime throughout the year, even winter you can see migratory ducks and summer. Also, you can see that local resident birds, so throughout the year whenever I go and suit, and the lighting is also very good.

The background is also very good for the photography, so one of my very frequent third place, it can say butter could bear sensory and I love car but up sir ma’am before going for any shoots, is there any background, checks or research which you do or and How important is it or is it not? Definitely, even if you are going for local suit, also any point value places. Also the profession we say profession is very important. You can’t randomly. I can’t just go actually wildlife photography for tiger suit and big animals, big parks, the booking and the getting redness on and on oh three months before we are top like. If we want to do some pestle shooting here to write to the field director, it took three or four months. The preparation, real preparation starts three months before, but for bird photography. If I’m going new places, for example, not India are not certain there’s anything though here the the pieces will be different, so I have to know how many species, what are the birds I’m going to suit? I need good local grade, or so so I had to book first, the local guide, who is aware of the local bird pieces – that’s very important actually before going also the weather is very important, which seasonal basis and for the photography – and he said rainy season – are Summer or winter because for the species also rainy season, you will be getting different photograph and summer, you will be getting different photograph, so these are so pretty place is very important.

Actually, as soon as I decide where I am going, I booked first my guide and I plant meets lens. I am going to carry that’s also very important, because sometimes we are to walk some places. Cargo can’t go, you have to carry your equipment, no one will be available so those time I have to decide which camera I’m going to meet slims, I am going to take all right, so represents very important, even if it’s a local place also nearby place. Also it tooks lot of time you have to collect as much as information and species also, for example, tiger elephant. We I had to read the spare animals, also so that I say as a how the animal behave. Photography documenting is fine, but if I want to take some special accents arts, I have to know the body language of these pieces are going to suit, so the pretty peasant, even reading and researching, is all very important. Hence it helps to come back with mood photographs.

Research pays very, very high control. If I have to ask you one camera, one lens issue: don’t leave your house without what would that be without doubt, my DeForest and eighty-two 400ml, the latest a two to four hundred amar, because boy I to the 400mm. I came suit with Mama animals also, I am. If I use one point four, I can shoot birds also, so let’s a must fit hungry me, sighs, I’m going to attract. I can’t carry my 800 Emma so that time I usually lay to the 401 point. Forty penny converter, it works very well. I can covered mammals also and Barbara’s house wow you’ve been associated with Nick on for quite some time now how to jolly beam so far, and I started seriously photography from 2003 thence a 2004.

I many hardcore any kinda said I started with my d70: it’s a tea plant 7255 monkey plants. Then I upgraded bpx. This sound is very good lens for a starter as a hobby, and I started it’s very good, then I realized. I need some control camera because I got on a good assignment for wan na see soo I want I upgraded bpx. Then the soup was, I had to shoot from the boat, so I need 70 to 200 mm because it’s a VR lens 2.8 also navona, see the life will be low light and there are pieces and on for 70 to 200 I bought I’ve updated. There’S one of my favorite and still sit on you see next, I d3k the full frame with the high ISO for while a photograph II, most of the action happens really morning, and so I need good ISO performance and camera.

So there is always two size that be 2x body, because we need focal length for wildlife. The subjects will be always 4, so there is always doubt whether gopher d2x body or full frame body, but my choice. I decided. I want full frame body because i ASO good performance, a fire, so i upgraded d4r. So therefore, is very best still my second body – and I have great next DeForest – it’s a best for high, yes or performance, because without DeForest I couldn’t imagine most of my. I made some memorable images because tiger and are no only evening: 6:00 6:30. They give good sight here.

So I need a good hire yourself, a good camera body, so I used mostly now full frame body full frame body. I really like it and lenses. I bought a 80 to 400, the Worland okay, when I started, while a photography, it’s very good, of course AAF next, but for me, VR is very good. Most of my shots. Those time I used to just I take a to the 400. I go for our club at century and for handheld, it’s very good, then again. Nina 600 mo VR landscape for birding is very important, so I’ve graded 600 mo after that, of course, the focal length.

This is never enough, for us say we need more Devore and more even 800, emselves or not enough. So I again I and he can’t come out, come out with 800 mo as well, so I upgrade to 800 mo now. I am using with 1.4 teleconverter. So for Nocona the customer care, if any problem anything they are very good. No, I mean PS, member and really very support it. You anything if I am shooting any suddenly.

I want to clean anything, no first preference. They are the best. It’S a part of. Of course, equipment is very important as a wildlife photography any photo any don’t of photography. My Ronny with the Nikon is I like Nikon colors for later photography, Nikon, camera, aqua, contrast and saturation. I really love, so it was very good. It’S going on like what that one can become a photographic ISA.

I really ma’am, you have a huge fan following so what would your advice be for the upcoming amateur photographers advice would be if anyone is starting nature. Photography are doing nature photography. The first thing is know your subject very well: okay and be strong and the technical part whether you sit at home in the field in the wildlife photography in the field. There is no second sense, because most of the accent happened very fast nanosecond. First, you were your technical knowledge should be. Everything will be a fingertips because if you are using camera without you are taking your eye from your we founded here to take photograph. So the technique analogy is very: must you have to see it a read our camera or Manuel everything, because there is nothing I can’t change.

Second, there is no second chance to take photograph, so be thorough with the technical knowledge and know your subject very well and we’re doing photography, wildlife, photography. Please follow attics of wildlife. Photography, respect your subject. Okay, definitely, you will come back with a good photographs. This is my advice to the upcoming photographers, so ma’am. Thank you for this valuable time. You’Ve given us today, and thank you for these wonderful tips and tricks which you shared with us and I’m sure all of you was out.

There would love to hear them. It’S my pleasure away and thank you for entertaining me also it’s nice to meet everyone. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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