Famous Food Photographers Instagram Style


Famous Food Photographers Instagram Style

Famous food photographers, Hey, are you really trying tell your clap suck we’re learning how to photograph food for Instagram? I don’t think any of us take like professional food from those, but our Instagram stories often have a lot of pictures of steaks. I think it’s the stories of my food. Oh constantly, usually with songs, maybe sing a lot, nothing in my mouth. If my photos aren’t good, so I must elevate it with my voice. Ha ha ha shapes like this is mostly an ass polenta on the side and here’s a bread basket and it’s night. So this looks like anyway, I’m really excited to learn about a photograph, something great who is going to teach us how to float at that food. Michael cool, the lovely Maria from tasty, we’ll be teaching you, oh hi, I’m Brie, I’m a pastry producer.

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My job is making food videos I’m trying to make food pretty and appetizing, so people at home want to try, make it home, I always loved, cooking and eating. I wanted to be a food stylist, so I went to culinary school learn how to cook, and I took her food, a styling class. I also did a food stylist assistant, I’m so excited to teach, ladylike and walking together today. Judging it’s the hardest part, I don’t want that sure. It’S a wiener, but I’d be as unbiased as possible me today. You guys ready to crave food. Oh I love learning! Yes like when you take food, a photo location and do you’re taking the restaurant.

So like do you take a home if I spend like X number of dollars on a piece of food, I am taking a photo of it so that I could remember this. I don’t really take too many photos of food, but when I do it is usually like occasions or like I don’t cook very often so when I do cook that’s when I try and document it, I don’t really take pictures of my food. I don’t know, especially if it’s coming out in a restaurant. I don’t want my food to be cold when I’m eating it, so I just eat it and enjoy it. That’S actually good point, though food meant to be eaten, so just take a couple photo in the restaurant and don’t take too much time because, as you said, if it’ll get cold, I’m going to teach you a very basic skill of food of starting today, and we Have pie spaghetti and salad your current, you just had to take post worthy photos today, that’s what this is about. I feel like people are always like moving stuff around, so that they can take it from like above anyway. They’Re always like just doing it from here and like close up so that there’s a shallow depth of field or like they’ll kind of use.

The salad is like the bushes, like taking a picture of their wildlife through the trees. So if you’re using funds cut down, looks much better, if you have fall have a feature with portray more yeah, you can do dips of the field. So if you can go a little bit closer and like background is kind of Balam very nice, so the priest poets take the photo, never use flash for food because it looks just doesn’t look like appetizing. So natural light would be great, like it looks great on food when you take photo for yourself, like you kind of wan na study yourself right, like oh yeah clothes, so I brought something kind of similar, so different kind of material, yes food. So we have salad. If you make salad at home, don’t put dressing before you take photos of the especially if the dressing has vinegar that will vegetable, it’s also a good thing to have a colorful salad. It looks good on camera, also, the height it’s important.

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It’S like you want to be a big mound. You want a hill yeah and trying to make color spread. All this salad doesn’t have passing, but I think just like hope. You know from the pop of colors and personality yeah. Something interesting thing is for costume. You see it’s the normal size light. You know it looked very big on that picture on the camera, so I try not used small off.

Oh what a little floors even used for children with this set up. Would you incorporate a napkin, or is that too many colors? If the food’s very blonde looking like not so colorful, I will definitely use tea towels to pop the color, but this salad looks already colorful and nice, so I’m gon na just take photo first and see what it look like very interesting. I really want to know what this looks like. Oh my god, that’s very important. So, let’s see how it looked like meet some but key pellets. I can do this like whole day and sometimes talk to food. Like me, you look so good.

This is like it could be in a magazine, yeah, it looks really expression page. What is next we’re doing pasta and meatballs. If you are plating something Oh chunky, you want to use odd number instead of evil number, so States and meatballs. You want to put three or five instead of two or four make sense: it’ll. Look too orderly in that organic yeah, you kind of want to make it natural it’ll. Just yes, another two people. I wish they were three, but maybe I’m going to break you know.

Oh genius, let’s see blue, oh wow, I’m looking at it live trying to think what else I can do have a different plate. Oh I like that place. Oh that’s! A homegrown plate really looks great yeah. I got the part of a larger tables beautiful nice about six. I think well dessert. We have Pollock so something that big, like this pie or pound cake, you kind of wan na cut it in a section, so you had some more movement yeah, it’s really good! I liked a rustic feeling of this. I also like those little crumbs, I kind of wan na use it for my prop and maybe like someone eats holding this PI server and somebody it’s like passing play like that.

Oh, it was the best hands and I got cuts all over my hands. So she’ll tell you, your hands are drafted. Okay, so you’re gon na hold the pie, slice and maybe you are holding try and loosen my hand. You know we loosen it off in the right action OPA next week. You guys are going to take beautiful food upon us in the restaurant or something you make at home and I’m going to judge, stop photos and declare. We know I do feel ready. Oh yeah, I love to be a winner, okay, so now I have to cook to take pictures and style this food.

I really know it’s like. I never care what my food looks like. If I’m cooking it, I just want to eat. So today I figured I was just gon na make a very upgraded version of an instant ramen. I like to make it my own, so I’ll cook a little bit of meat. I will cook, maybe an egg and throw it in there. I will put in some fresh vegetables and they’ll really elevate it, and then I’m gon na try and take a beautiful photo of it so that I can win this video, I’m putting together a salad.

It’S gon na be colorful. I’M trying to make my mound hi. I’M gon na try to like do some fun color blocking. I don’t know if that’s gon na work, but we’re gon na see. So this is kind of what I’m planning on working with at the moment. I can’t try to take a food Instagram without putting avocado or avocado toast somewhere in it. I think it’s a good for a lot.

These are the ingredients I’m gon na be using to make my ramen I’m gon na put some fresh watercress in there. I’M gon na put some seaweed. I’M gon na put an egg, I’m gon na fry up a little bit of spam, and we begin so. This stuff is what I have to be really really careful to keep pretty, because I really like it crispy what I wan na do that we’re going to slice a piece of spam off the top I’m just gon na fry them up in some oil and yeah. Just put them aside and film ready to put them in my Roman, the spam is done. There’S no long. Think Bacon’s want the hot sauce.

What I’m gon na do is add. The noodles noodles are cooked, so there’s two packets that go in the soup. I like to add them to the bowl. First, then, I add the water, and then I put the noodles in. I just have to do my Mikado yeah yeah boy. We a told us also that doesn’t always have to look super perfect. Do some zatar just here.

I kind of have to be a fair amount in order to show up on the picture. I think I’m gon na photograph it from this angle, because from the top it just kind of looks like a fruit. Boob right does not approve of fruit boob. It’S still a fruit boo, but does it differently yeah, I mean I thought about just tossing greens together, but I feel like that’s cheating a little bit. Look, that’s not the assignment and now for the fun part. The eggs got ta go in right about now. The nice thing is, the egg has cooked after a few minutes being in a really hot soup.

I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s still steaming so we got ramen. We got my egg and I’m gon na add some other fun stuff and then we’ll see how it looks when it’s finally time to take photos and then eat so there’s no room in my apartment, so I’ve figured out a way. I will be shooting this on. The balcony, on top of an ironing board stacked on a pier making, kids very worried, is gon na fall over this family. The winds are blowing my lettuce away. I’Ll be honest, I have an older phone, their cameras, pretty most of my photos, look like crap, but the soup, which is on the floor so that could get a shot up in the sunlight, looks delicious to the naked eye. But I don’t think it looks great on camera.

This is not look good right. Oh my god have to go out in the parking lot and do this. I officially made too much food, so I’m cutting it back to this avocado toast and the cantaloupe, because I feel, like those colors look really pretty Fred. It’S now gon na try holding my salad out. Yes while I maybe it looks better in here – hmm. Actually, it does look better in here. Okay, we’re gon na move, we’re the new everything is back inside.

Are you know? Oh okay, so I wound up moving over to my coffee table, setting all that stuff out there and I finally got my picture so forever later. I can finally eat this team up and shoot our stuff together, even though we are still seriously competitive, yeah, I loved playing, so I were in the chicken in the salad because I thought I’d get like a backup. I don’t sorry Mike. I know we had a budget, but I and I got the filet mignon, so I definitely enjoyed the budget. Are you ignore the observer right in the trash, but I got bread service but you’re really through that’s your head through the trash I’m not even hungry, I’m mostly stressed about making sure we get this shot. First, oh, that’s cool, I’m very hungry and if my shot looks like crap at least I tried well together, we create one on task: human all right. I love that.

So, for the second part of this challenge I have to go to a restaurant, so I brought Debbie I get to eat good because I was like I don’t want to just be sitting by myself, taking pictures of my food so now I’ll have a friend. So I won’t feel so awkward all right. Thank you. I have taken like about it, a thrill in photos, because I like insist on getting this rate, even though, like I’m not necessarily gon na get it right, we use a plate to bounce the light. It kind of works, maybe completely interrupting my own meal. It’S real! Thank you for coming. Yes, I kinda feel, like I kind of knew, the first round.

It’S restaurant yeah. I like this one, you hunt it’s very colorful and also I like the knife and four fates like next to each other and it’s almost like yeah, but to me from this picture, I don’t know what you’re missing this person was. I think they say tonight. A market because its iconic tablecloth and I love it. I feel, like anything you put on there, it looks beautiful it’s like magical this one yeah I like how this person did a knife and a fork like little like toast, a little negative space. It’S like fancy. Restaurant so Rina ain’t this person and I guess what’s taken by yeah, it was not actually I thought, okay, so that was me okay and then this was me okay and then I had nightmare Kristen and I went to the same restaurant, which might have been a Mistake so like it wasn’t like it was just a lot similar colors a little bit.

I said this is very fun, see sighs. Nothing was questions, so you need them into the same restaurant yeah, I’m not to foul right same restaurant and I went to night market because I knew that their dishes were really colorful and their whole ambiance was really good so round one winner. Thank You, girls. The thing I like about this one, so we kind of practice man, clothes right and that person took a moment and pick up, freaky clothes and put on on the table, and I like the flower and it’s very cute. I love it. The second one very nice tablecloth I want it. I wonder this is also Jan skirts, the knife and so cross.

I like the solid cuz. It has different colors, it’s vibrant, look very delicious. I think the satellite’s woman and that person made a fancy and this person for vegetable and Isis hmm and a soft boiled egg and it looks very delicious. It’S a very difficult decision. But I have to choose this person because I like the little bit sort only like the cloth and flowers. What do you think did what, if I guess correctly, I was wondering also expand its. Maybe you both of your age, maybe Jennifer and Chris Wow Wow two for two.

Thank you. It took me long enough to take that photo. I’M so pretty you did a great job. It is very pretty. It looks very good. It does the flower honestly. I would not have thought: oh, the flowers and the flowers really clenched it for my bedsheet sits on top of an ironing board and Freddie’s holding is learning how to do food photography for Instagram, lady piston, lady.

That’S a fitted sheet. Oh then I’ll come down! No Mike do it

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