Family Portraits Near Me How To Take Family Portraits


Family Portraits Near Me How to Take Family Portraits

Family portraits near me, Hey guys, it’s Tasha from one big happy and in this article I’m going to be sharing my tips and tricks for how to take gorgeous family photos without a professional photographer saving your family hundreds of dollars a year. I love taking pictures of my family. I love having those visual memories to cherish for the rest of our lives and to me just looking at a picture, takes me back to that moment and makes me feel all those emotions I felt in that moment. So I love taking both candid family pictures when we’re out and about and then also more posed yearly family pictures when we went to Sugarloaf Mountain a couple of weeks ago and we posted the vlog for that. So I’ll drop a link down in the description box. So you can go check that out, but we decided to go ahead and knock out two birds with one stone. So we took pic family pictures first and then we change it into our hiking gear and we hiked the mountain.

Family Portraits Near Me How to Take Family Portraits

So I’m gon na be sharing everything you need to know to take gorgeous pictures of your family, let’s start off with equipment, because obviously you’re gon na need something to actually take those pictures with. So this is the main camera that I use. This is the just the camera body. This is a Canon Rebel t5i Josef got this for me for Christmas too, in 2013, so I’ve had this camera for four years and I really loved it. It’S a really good camera and over when I first got it. I would just use the automatic function, so you just put it on automatic and you just press the button and it takes really good pictures. But now that I’ve been taking pictures for a few years, I’m able to use the manual function, which allows you more like creativity in the shots that you take but doing Auto is totally fine.

And I would say that the plus side of DSLRs versus just other cameras is you tend to end up with higher quality photos, and you can do things like switch out. The lenses to create different looks so, let’s talk about the lenses that go along with this camping camera, the t5. I came with two lenses. Now you don’t have to buy the full camera kit, you can just buy the body and then buy your lenses separately, but Joseph bought me the kit. So it came with this lens, but I wanted to get a lens that would work better in lower light and also would create the nice kind of a blurry background that you see behind me right now. So the next lens that I got is actually a very affordable lens. It’S the lens that is on the camera right now, so I’m gon na have to use another camera and kind of film it.

So you can see it, and so I have taken a lot of our family photos just with that lens and it’s an excellent lens when you’re getting into portrait photography. But in terms of the lens that I used when we took our most recent family photos and you’re, not gon na, be I’m throwing up pictures here. You’Re not really gon na, be able to tell that much of a difference between the different lenses that I used. But it’s this one from Sigma and I’ll drop a link to this down in the description box. But basically, if you have a DSLR, you need a lens. It doesn’t add much matter what lens you have as long as you’re shooting outside and there’s plenty of light, but if you don’t want to jump into DSLR hobby photography just yet you have two other options so option number one is just use a regular point-and-shoot. So this is our canon g7x.

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We actually use this a lot for vlogging, but it takes really great pictures and you can use it with a remote and with a timer and timers are very important if you can’t use it with the remote, because, obviously you want to be in the picture too, And then the other option, of course, is your phone, so I have a Samsung Galaxy s8. It takes great pictures to I’ll pop up. Some of the pictures that I have taken with it or an iPhone would work and I’ve. I phone cameras are great too, but some of our budget cell phones, the Motorola g4 s – that the cameras are not that great, so the quality will not be good enough for you to take really nice family photos. So the second thing that you are going to need is a tripod, so this is one of our tripods. We have two and they have adjustable legs, so they can get taller or shorter and the camera. Basically, the camera sits on top of the tripod on this removable thing that screws into the tripod next thing, you’re gon na need is a remote.

This is this remote, I think, is less than ten bucks from Amazon. I’Ll drop a link down into just the description box, but you’ll see as you’ll see in this footage of us. When we actually took the photos, you can see us pointing at the DSLR with our hand, trying to press the remote to get it to actually take the picture. So a remote is a great way to take the picture and not have to run back and forth between the camera. Now that we’ve talked about equipment, let’s talk about location, so the location could be someplace. As simple as on your couch, which here’s an example of us taking a picture on our couch at Christmas, it can also be in your backyard. I have taken lots of pictures of Alexis and Reeves all over the yard and or you can go similar, for example, when we did our Christmas family photos.

I specifically looked for a Christmas tree farm so that we could take pictures among the evergreens cuz. That looks all Christmasy, but with like Sugarloaf Mountain. Yes, we went there and we took pictures, but we also went there to hike, so it’s great to be able to incorporate taking family pictures in the midst of things that you are already going to do or here’s another example of a picture that we took just In the middle of the street, in the neighborhood, where we live, so you don’t necessarily have to go to fancy paid places to take really good pictures next best time of day to shoot. Ideally, you’ll shoot within an hour of the Sun rising or an hour of the Sun setting, so that can be kind of difficult, but that is best time because the sunlight isn’t harsh. So it’s much easier to take a flattering photo check out this photo of us or any photo where we have the sun shining in our faces. Someone is going to be squinty, so either an overcast day is also a great time to take a picture, and that would be like all day because the clouds are acting as a diffuser. For all of that harsh sunlight, I recommend that before you even go out to take your pictures again, go to Pinterest and look up family photo shoot ideas or family portrait pose ideas, because that will give you an idea of different, more relaxed ways of moving around And taking the pictures versus just kind of standing there facing the camera and smiling, and I like those just fine, we take a whole bunch of pictures like that.

But candid photos are also really fun. So we try to incorporate some of those when we are out taking pictures too. So then, when you actually go to take your photos, you put your camera. The process is really simple. You put your camera on your tripod. If it’s on auto, then that’s fine, you don’t have to do anything else. You don’t have to mess with any of the settings.

All you have to do is. If you have your remote set the camera to remote shooting. If you don’t have remote of remote, then you set your camera on the timer. Then you have one of your family members stand. Where you want to take the picture, then you can folk, have your camera focus in on that person and then everyone that person stays still and everyone else piles around them kind of in a straighter line, because then you’re sure that everyone’s going to be in focus You’Re done taking your photos now, you’re back at home, admiring your handiwork and you probably have a lot of great photos, but they don’t quite look as good as some of the photographs you’ll see done by professional photographers and that’s because professional first edit, the photos, even If it was a great photo out of the camera, they’ll do things like bump up the exposure a little bit to make it brighter or bump up the contrast a little bit to just make things pop bump up the saturation so that the green grass behind you Is really green, even though it was kind of like brown green in real life, but those things are what really makes a photo pop. So I there are three photo editing tools that I generally use I’ll add a fourth one in just because some people might have max. So I have a PC.

If you have a Mac, obviously there’s photos and you can use photos to do some basic editing of each of your photos. If you have a PC, I forget what it’s called it’s like pictures or something. I don’t really use the standard, editing software that comes with the computer, so the two that I really use our PicMonkey, which is online and a lot of its tools, are free. So you can do basic photo editing generally for free I’ll drop, a link to PicMonkey in the description box. I use it for a lot of things. It’S a great program, especially the free stuff. I love free and then.

Secondly, you can use Adobe product, so Photoshop or Lightroom. Lightroom is actually really easy to use, and so that’s what I use most of the time now, and so you can just throw your photo in there, make some basic tweaks just to kind of bump it up and make it pop a little and there you have It professional-looking photographs without having to spend any money, and it’s also great you can use these photos for like Christmas cards and things like that, so great money-saving, tip, plus it’s like a family adventure and the family has fun going out and shooting these photos. So that is it if you guys have any questions, if there are specifics that you want to know more about, if you want to see it’s a maybe a Lightroom tutorial or something like that, how I edit the photos, let me know, but in the meantime I Hope you guys enjoy it and please remember to thumbs up and share, see you guys next time, bye.

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