Family Photoshoot Near Me Prep And Get Ready


Family Photoshoot Near Me Prep and Get Ready

Family photoshoot near me, didn’t care about the rules cut on the weekends I’ll be in fools just in the deep space. So I thought I would start today’s vlog off tonight, showing you guys, the kids outfits, because we are taking our holiday photos tomorrow morning at sunrise. So I’m prepping everything tonight so that hopefully our morning runs as smoothly as possible, but I wanted to show you guys what the kids are wearing. So I got the girls outfits from Rainey’s closet. That’S where I get all of their outfits for whenever we’re shooting something like family photos or Bailey, wore two to Demond from Rhaenys closet for her Halloween costume last year. She wore a red dress similar to this, but I’m going with the pink and gray tones Adams wearing a navy, blue suit and I’ll show you guys my dress in a second. But this cape is so beautiful.

Family Photoshoot Near Me Prep and Get Ready

It’S a separate piece from the dress and then these pink blush velvet bows are from LaBella baby or LaBella bows. I can’t remember I’ll link her shop and everything down below in the description box. If you guys are interested, but this is Shay’s outfit and then I got both of the girls. These blush pink mini Melissa’s, with the bow they’re so pretty and I feel like they match their dress perfectly, and then this is Grayson’s outfit. I tried it on him already and he looks so cute babe. I have to show you the picture. I took a picture of him.

He looks he looks so cute in this. It’S like the most subtle shade of pink and then these great pieces are from an Etsy shop which I’ll have linked down below and then he’s gon na wear these gray moccasins from freshly-picked, and then this is what Bailey is gon na wear so same thing from Two to Demond and you can get a package from Rainey’s closet too. That includes accessories, so I decided to get baleia hair accessory because i’m going to have her hair down and I’m going to curl it tomorrow morning. So this is what I’m going to put in her hair. How beautiful is that develop? It Shay’s gon na be wearing um, pigtail bows, and then these cuffs are stunning, so she’s gon na wear one on each arm with her dress. Her dress goes all the way to the floor and then same thing. Her mini Melissa shoes.

So that’s what the kids are wearing and then this is what Adam and I will be wearing. So I got this dress from red dress. Boutique, it’s long sleeve! There’S the detailing on it. It’S really really pretty. I wore a similar dress to Hillary’s baby shower, but this is more of like a long floor length. That’S not floor length. It goes to like my ankles, it’s a little bit different, but I thought this would be perfect for our family photos because it’s like super chic and I just go so perfectly with the girls and Grayson’s outfit um.

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So yeah, it’s a really pretty cream color. It has a little bit of like sparkle in it up close, it’s kind of hard to see in this lighting, but I love it. I love the lace and the ruffle detailing is really pretty and then I’m going to pair it with these nude heels that I wear all the time. Not all the time like walking into Target on a Wednesday. But whenever we’re doing shoots – or I have an event or something these are like the perfect blushy nude heel, they go with everything and they’re from for her 21 and they’re so old. I think I’ve had these for like four years. I should probably invest in some nicer ones, but these honestly do me just fine, so I’m wearing those and then this is what Adams gon na be wearing.

So it’s like a deep navy blue suit. I just got it dry-cleaned and the pants are behind that and then here is his shirts, just a white shirt white button-down shirt which I need to iron. So I think I’m going to do that after I take a shower. I need to take a shower tonight and curl my hair, because we have to wake up so early in the morning. I think I’m gon na get up at like 4:30 4:45 somewhere around there, because we have to be out of the house. I think by like 5:45, so I’m excited, but I’m kind of nervous, I feel, like a sunrise shoot, is a smarter idea, at least for our kids than a sunset shoot, because by the time the Sun is setting, our kids are just running amok and here in The worst moods, so I figured we would have a sunrise shoot because they’re always so peppy and happy in the morning, so fingers crossed there that way tomorrow morning. For us this could be a total fail, but I’m gon na hop in the shower right now.

Curl. My hair and do everything I can to prep for tomorrow morning, so that everything runs smoothly. These are the earrings that I’m gon na wear. These are just costume jewelry. I don’t really own like any fancy jewelry. I think I got these at forever. 21 to like years ago, but since my dress is long sleeve and it goes all the way up to my neck – I’m just gon na wear earrings and I feel, like the dress, already, has a lot going on.

So I’m just gon na wear these little studs. Actually, if they’re not super little they’re a decent size, so I think that’s the only piece of jewelry, aside from my wedding, ring that I’m gon na wear. Okay, I just got out of the shower. I’M going to use the it’s a ten leave-in conditioner in my hair right now with a wet brush. So after I blow dry, my hair, I’m gon na use at this curling iron. This is what I use every single day to curl my hair. It’S like hot tools, and I think it’s the one in 1/4 – inch clamp wand I’ll, have this link down below if you guys are interested, but I always get so many questions about the curling iron that I use, but this is literally the only product I ever Use in my hair, I don’t use a serum, sometimes I will but honestly like on an everyday basis.

I only use this stuff and then sometimes dry shampoo. If I need a texturizing shampoo, this is the one that I use the triple sec by dry bar, but I rarely use this stuff. So, let’s assume just like the movies. Thank You it. We couldn’t do it each and every high with you. You will be so clueless: , Oh a lot: , okay, I just finished blow-drying my hair and I don’t blow dry it any particular way. I don’t section it off or round brush it or anything.

I just blow drying it to get it dry, so I just rough dry, my hair superfast. It takes me like five minutes. My hair is naturally straight, so I don’t really need to blow it out because I’m just gon na take a curling iron to it. The only thing is my hair is pretty frizzy from all of the Hot Tools and coloring I do to it. I might go get a Brazilian Blowout done, because my new stylist that lives in my city, I don’t have to drive very far anymore. She does Brazilian blowouts and I think she convinced me to do it, so I might do that soon, just to take like some of the frizz out of my hair but anyways, I’m going to section my hair in three sections when I curl it and I just Curl away from my face using this one and all sectioned off using this, so that’s what I’m gon na do right now! Okay, I just finished curling, my hair. I put a pimple cream on that’s.

What’S all over my face, I served by this stuff. I’Ve used it for years and it works really. Well, it’s the clean and clear personnel maximum strength, but this is what my hair looks like after I’m done, curling it I haven’t brushed it out yet I just kind of like ran my fingers through it a little bit, but I don’t necessarily like how it looks After I’ve done curling it I like how it looks like the next day after I’ve slept on it, it’s more relaxed, looking and then I’ll. Just touch up my front few pieces, sometimes I’ll go through like the top a little bit if it needs it. But that’s why I curled my hair and why I usually do it at night, one because I like how it looks better and two because I’m a mom of three and I do not have time to curl my hair in the morning. So that’s why I do it at night, but now I’m going to pull out my iron and iron Adams dress shirt that he’s going to wear tomorrow with his suit , , okay. Well, we have to leave at 5:30.

In the morning. We have to be there at 6:35 a.M. To catch the sunrise and it’s 42 minutes away from our house. That’S what it says right now, so just to make sure to count four. I don’t think there’s going to be traffic, but just to make sure we’re there on time. I want to leave like no later than like 5:35, so um have to wake up at like 4:00, because I’m gon na curl Bailey’s hair, I’m gon na, have her wear her hair down with that headband.

I showed you guys, so I need to wake up at 4:00 to get myself ready and then I’ll curl, Bailey’s, hair and get the kids ready, but all the prep that I’m doing tonight should hopefully make our morning run pretty smooth. Well make sure that’s on. I just washed out my Starbucks cup that I got yesterday. So Adam can use it for tomorrow morning and I got my reasonable one and when I order this drink, so I’m gon na make us coffee for the ride down there to our shoot, because we’re definitely going to be needing it. We’Re probably gon na use our espresso pods, which are the blue ones right there. Maybe, but I’m gon na leave the cups right here. So I can make our coffees first thing.

When we wake up okay, we are out the door with ten minutes to spare almost forgot. The camera, though waiting for me in the car, got my slippers on because it’s cold, , , okay, well we’re back home now from getting our photos. Taken Greyson is down for a nap and Shea is playing behind me with her lol dolls, Adam and his mom just took Bailey to her soccer game. I think this is one of her last games. I think this is the finals, so only a few more Saturday’s left of soccer, but Charlene, which is Adams mom, was super excited to go. Watch her play Grayson was beyond tired, so he needed to come home and take a nap. I wasn’t about to drag him out and sit for a couple hours on the sidelines to read her practice and they do a practice before the actual game, so we’re there for like two and a half almost three hours.

What other sword a sword? Okay, I see, but yes, since it’s such a cold morning, I didn’t want to have to drag them out to read her practice in her game because usually were there for like at least two and a half hours and it’s just freezing outside. So it was best for me to just stay home with them, but I’m sure Bailey is loving, having her grandma there reading her, but Shay’s content right now playing with her lol dolls. So what I’m gon na do in the meantime is hang up the girls dresses on the hangers that they provided and package everything up in the garment bags and get it ready to go so that I can drop it off in the mail first thing Monday morning. Everything comes in the garment bag that you’re gon na need to send back, there’s a label and everything. So it’s really easy. I just package it back up and then I’ll stick this little sticker on top of it and then throw it in the mail so yeah. The 11th is when I need to get it in the mail bike: , , , I’m boiling some water right now, I’m about to throw these four cheese at raviolis in for the girls Shay’s starting to get hungry and Bailey will Be home in like 20 minutes, so I’m gon na cook this up for them for lunch.

I’M gon na heat up some of this alfredo sauce in a second and then I’ll top it with some Parmesan cheese and then I’ll give them some raspberries on the side to go with it. Okay, lunch is done. It took me like two seconds to make, but I always keep these raviolis on hand in the fridge, because this is something that the girls will always eat and always the olive they love these raviolis and I find them at Target, but I’m I’m sure they sell Them like at every grocery store, but I think it’s just nice to like switch it up from their usual mac and cheese because sometimes like they won’t even eat mac and cheese, but they’ll always eat these raviolis Joan yeah everybody good to see you this beautiful Sunday Monday, Saturday, right yeah Saturday, going to going to soccer with my beautiful mom hi everybody, however she’s the best playing the ligers today Tigers versus the ligers I’d say it’s a pretty big game. You know it’s the playoffs. We lost zero well with us eight to zero. Last time, so, hopefully we don’t suck that bad. This time, good thing I’ve been hanging out baling in the backyard and teaching her everything I know, which is pretty much nothing.

I don’t know anything about soccer, but I taught her how to kick him in the Gulf. Really far away so, let’s see if we can get some points on the board today, you get the W Notre Dame plays place Duke today, big game, looking forward to reading that Mike. If you’re listening go Irish, all right, let’s go win this game: hey Bailey! It’S a big game. Today we got the playoffs. Alright, you got to kick the ligers butts just yeah the ligers. The lion Tigers got ta, kick their butts. Alright, let’s go this way in case.

I got angry okay I’ll hold on to that, for you got some new chairs check these things out. Some Coleman’s got a little beard pocket here for dead as beer case you need it there’s another one right there. These are cooler is actually a cooler packets. The G scores some goals: little tired, you’re doing a great job out there. Only half your team showed up today with the head: they cold where’s. The rest of your team at they’re at home, get your second medal good job, it’s so good honey! Oh man, just a crazy game today, Bailey did that whole. Like you know, I was like you go, oh wait and she was like she smoked that thing through that goal.

It was just the coolest thing ever she took it from that end of the field. All the way to the other end, like all by herself, kicking it like, I taught her in the backyard and she freaking just smoked it right through the goal, I’m kind of mad and get a camera. But I was like I was just so stoked. I was like on my feet screaming these. These parents are just funny out here. So it’s a good game. I think it was a tie to be honest.

It was 40 for half the team did show up because it’s so cold out. It’S not that bad. It’S like 50 right now, like half the team didn’t show up, so they were like taking water breaks every five minutes, but I was a good game. Had a lot of fun, Bailey scored a goal, and I got pretty excited about it so proud dad moment. I’M so proud of you new shoes, I’m blaming this go on the new shoes, hey take a picture, grandma yeah, . She scored a goal and dad that went crazy. I can’t even tell you how crazy I went it was like.

I did. The whole thing where you’re like you can’t go: oh wait. I literally did the whole thing all the way: an interest court she’s just the best. But you say what do you think: Seco Bailey Gorge, , oh sweet boy, yeah! You look so handsome in your new sweater. This is from baby Zara and so are these little pants they’re. So cute they little pocket over here little button, you’re styling! Today, yeah, did you sleep good? You got a little boogie. Oh sorry, go see grandma greasy grandma! Oh you’re, the sweetest boy, where my teen, you are seriously the cutest freakin thing in the entire world that you we’re.

Not you of course yeah. She didn’t do it on purpose. Folks, he’s like, if only I could speak English. If I could speak English, I’d tell you: okay, wait! Go fast, he’s like 70! No wind Suns, going down! It’S like 5 o’clock, got the old grill rolling behind me clean it up a little bit, throw some burgers on there. Mmm read the Notre Dame game. What what’s stuck yeah, the old flipper ruski, didn’t work so well today, boys and girls. Whoever else is reading man I feel like crap.

Just lungs are just feels like someone. Fat is just sitting on my chest and just sitting there and hanging out while I go about my day. That’S what I feel like it’s just someone is sitting on me. What are you doing there girlfriend? Are you a baby shark, hey Bailey, your twisty, nothing, crazy! Yeah, it says, take the ponytail out, oh no, that’s a new thing with Shay is the old nananana that thing I know where she learned it from, but it is so not okay, just say: that’s, not okay, honey. You can’t say that oh honey, don’t do that. I ain’t gon na keep it up. If you wan na go, let’s go, let’s wrap it up! Nothing striking the winner, ! You got ta understand one chance, one chance you , , , .

Nobody gon na fly it wow that went a long ways. It went a long ways, whoa, oh good job duh. I am a paper airplane master. You got to make it look like a plane, though ready first person, paper, airplane, shot. Sure, oh, that was not so good happy that go throw it’s super far. Okay, you’re better than I am good job good job, dad like a smoker. You can do it.

Do it girl, throw that thing all the way to China. Wow yeah got this! That’S like Adam Sandler, trying to hit a golf ball all right. I got the technique down now baby. Here we go wait for this. That’S good, yeah, really far, huh guys! It’S morning, 9 o’clock Girish the girls been upstairs with Grandma doing something so they’re gon na come show me what they did pretty stoked um mom’s sleeping lender’s sleep in cuz, she’s up Grayson, all night being a good dad. All right. Let’S go check out what you did.

I haven’t seen this so okay, good job, guys, Wow, momma’s, gon na be really happy. Okay, let’s go! This is good. She showed you before picture of this. It was a disaster, good job, good job, you guys cleaned rooms, cooking high-five, come here: Oh missed ya, ! There you go folks, that’s the UH! That’S the breakfast super nutritious lots of protein. Let’S get these dang kids down here, huh Bailey Shay Bailey Shay. You guys want breakfast come on breakfast. I want to hurry, I’m getting ready to eat it.

I’M gon na eat it. Oh I mean I mean right now. No, no! No! No I’m just kidding yeah you! Don’T you don’t eat your breakfast ! Really! Sorry! You only know: what’s a yeah, I’m a big deal comes with ponytails, keep the ponies. So does anybody, let’s have a let’s have a moment here for a second. Do you guys ever feel, like you, have like these moments as parents or you’re, like it’s kind of like aha moments, I wrote a. What did I write? I wrote an essay like five pages on the struggles of parenting talked about resiliency and all this other good stuff, and like last night, we’ve been having like a huge issue with Bailey back talking and like we’ll tell her to do something. She’Ll she’ll be like, like won’t, do it or do something else.

Last night I just kind of sat her down and said Bailey. You know why do you? Why do you do these things? I broke out all the dr. Phil moves that I knew and she’s like. I want to do you know what I want to do and I was like Bailey. I understand that but you’re young, mom and dad are older and we have a lot more experience and like when we tell you to do something. It’S because we know what’s best for you and although she might not have 100 cent grasp it, I feel like it helped a little bit like she. She understood what I meant she’s a lot better this morning, so I think every time she doesn’t listen, you know sit her down and remind her that we’re we’re trying to do what’s best for her.

I don’t know if any of you parents out there on the struggle bus like we have been because Bailey’s be honest with you, she’s been a super good kid I heard to our live until recently. It’S been a little rough. You know just sit them down. Talk to him, you know figure out why they’re doing what they’re doing – and I don’t just like explain to them why it’s important to listen to their parents, there’s no manual to parenting. It’S it’s hard! It’S it’s not easy! It’S like it’s different for every situation. Every kid, but I feel like sharing this – might help someone else out there. So my mom, I’m gon na miss her yeah, I’m gon na miss you.

It was fun as it was. I’M gon na point this at me, baby. Okay, I leave a poster or you could. What if I live closer, you could just get room and board Grayson sure yeah. There we go, there’s no car seat there, honey yep, we’ll see you later. Okay, I’m coming, but I can’t I got ta fly back I’ll. Come back I’m trying to come back for your birthday.

Ok! Ok, hey! I don’t know about Christmas! We’Ll see! Ok, ok, I’ll! Give you guys you causing some face time. Ok! Would that be nice? Ok! I can’t stay. I’M sorry honey. So I can come back. Okay! Well, thanks for everything she goes, I love her yeah. Did you put lipstick on lipstick? It’S great man do a spin. It’S like bomb crawling out of the bar.

You look like each other. Okay guys. I think I’m gon na end today’s vlog. Here I need to get to editing because Adam picked up the camera a lot over the weekend and, like I said he likes to capture a lot of footage. So there’s just a lot of clips that I have to go through and compiling the article is. What takes so long guys, so I have a feeling, I’m gon na, be strapped to my office for the next, like six or seven hours, but I’ll like this teddy bear coat down in the description box for you guys to if you’re interested in it. It’S so soft I’ve been living in it for the past like two days, it’s so cozy, but I will leave it in my Amazon store.

That’S where it’s from it’s from Amazon, but I hope you guys enjoyed today’s article be sure to give it a thumbs up. If you did share, if you haven’t already – and I will see you guys very soon – bye, , the pillow would say I’m wide awake. Take me away now.

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