Equipment For Food Photography


Equipment For Food Photography

Equipment for food photography, What equipment do you need for food photography? For those looking to get started in food photography I’ve compiled a list of equipment that I would recommend getting, in order. 1. Any Canon or Nikon DSLR. I don’t care how many megapixels, or if it shoots video, or whether its full frame or dx sized. Just so you like it and you’re comfortable using it.

How much does food photography cost? Stability and precision are key in food photography just as with product photography. The need for a tripod only increases with your megapixel count; so if you’re shooting on a Nikon D810, Canon 5DSR, or Sony A7RII, the extra detail these sensors provide will make it more difficult to avoid blurry images. Vanguard Alta Pro – $169.99

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What is great about food photography? What is great about food photography is that it is one of those art forms that can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. I’ve included here all the food photography equipment I use on a daily basis to make my art. Depending on your budget and needs, having everything on this list, as I do, might not be right for you.

What is the best lens for food photography? The Canon 100mm lens is hands down the best lens for food photography. You can read my full review of it here. The 100mm is a favorite food lens among all food photographers, not only is this canon lens razor sharp but it’s great both backed off and super close up.

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What equipment do I need for food photography? C-stands for food photography. To support some of these tools, you may want to consider buying a C-stand. A C-stand is a handy and versatile piece of equipment with an extending arm that can hold clamp-on lights, reflectors, diffusers, backgrounds, or whatever is needed at the moment.

What is food lighting? A lighting setup for food is typically one type or the other, not a mixed bag of both. Whichever type of light you go with, these lights need to be good and diffused to create a soft lighting environment to best show off your food subjects.

Can you use artificial light in food photography? This can really vary from image to image. Having an artificial light source is not enough. Yes, you need to get enough light onto your set, but you need to sculpt and shape that light to create the dimension that will show your food in the best way. A softbox is the most common light modifier used in food and still life photography.

What do you need to know about food photography? Unless you’ve made the decision to shoot food images solely in natural light, you’ll need to invest in some lighting equipment for food styling and photography. These lights can range from modest lights to high-end soft boxes (as shown in the following figure).

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