Desserts Photography Low-quality Is Bad


Desserts Photography Low-Quality is Bad

Desserts photography, Your kids just went there. Well, there you got 11 year old, five year old, 2 year old and an 8 month old. So it’s a lot of kids and they you know my kids are starting to. You know it’s nice now, cuz they’re old enough. Now they can like write. Yeah we’ve been doing that I want to be true, like they can get a book deal nice to know. It’S like, we told them to get a packet together, we’ll submit it to set free yeah.

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But you know you want to have an active participation in your children’s life, and so I’m always encouraging my you know my five-year-old is is starting to write and it’s amazing. The level of sarcasm that you will see at such a young age and my son, he you know he would write something and he would show me and I and I and I took a picture of one of the things that he wrote. Maybe we can take a look at it here. Look at this dad. You are fat, oh you know, but the thing is it’s like: it’s not like. I’M not fat and you know, but it’s I love the sarcasm and you know so. We’Ve been working on it, and so we have made some improvement.

You’Ve made progress. We’Ve made some progress. If we can take a look at where is one of us, dad is fat, he’s doing much better. First of all, it’s gone from like a text message to a complete sentence: yeah yeah and then let is led to the it’s very legible yeah. It’S good! It’S all caps! It’S he’s yelling! It I’m impressed by it uh, I’m sure, you’re, taking a lot of photos. Lately you know it’s it’s, I think our whole culture. We have to settle down with the with the picture.

Taking we take pictures of everything and it’s like it’s like. We act like we’re, capturing history, unbelievable the cats taking a nap. Let’S take a picture, it’s it’s really it’s because we have the cameras on our phones. Do we need that? It’S not as if, ten years ago we were like, I wish I could take a low-quality photo of my dessert, if only and we all these photos. Now it’s like, I don’t know what we’re supposed to do with them. I mean it’s set for make our computers run slow. It’S I have more pictures of my children than my father ever looked at me.

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I keep taking them. You know we used to have boxes of photos in our closets. Now it’s just old computers. Yes, you know it’s like there’s our wedding computer there’s my computer. When I was single, I should probably destroy that one. Now, you you. Obviously you have a lot of fans.

You have diehard fans and they send you strange things, and I told that you, you brought us some photos. I brought some photos, you know it’s it’s. These are real and very flattering. I know it’s it’s it’s consistent on your show and, and it’s some of them are inspired by jokes – that I used to have this joke a long time ago, this character of this Roscoe, the wood guy yeah, and so after a show, someone brought me this and I just loved it and it kind of started. It’S you carved in wood, yes, and then what I love about this is it’s a it’s correct proportion of the size of head to body. Yes, you and I have Co. Obviously we did a cartoon collaboration called pale for pal for Ashley you, it was you I never still bitter.

You never gave me a creative saying how I was depicted. Look how you do it. You decided how you’re depicted that’s a pretty fair representation. Yeah I mean I don’t have a beard you’re right so, but otherwise that spot-on and of course, pale force was the idea of Paul Noth is a friend of mine who’s, a cartoonist at The New Yorker. And but this is my favorite gift that I’ve received from people that have come to shows, and I don’t wanted to show you. This is from I received this, I believe in Kansas City, and this is Munky – the sock monkey pail force. This is if you can hold that this is me this is you then her she did also she did Conan.

I think it’s. Why am i wearing? Why am i wearing ballet slippers? She was trying to put you up a little bit. I think man we are out of time.

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