Cooking Photography Salmon Main Course


Cooking photography Salmon Main Course

Cooking photography, And force Tanaka, I’m going to do a food photography shoot tonight. This time I did one well, probably last year or 2010, maybe even oh, using a cake. I’M tonight I’m going to do a main dish. It’S a little different process and also my skills are better. Since then, so, hopefully we get something out of it, I’m going to make a salmon dish, and so it’s all cooked already. I just need to prepare the dish for a nice presentation, so the first thing I’m going to do is line this with some teriyaki sauce that I made so teriyaki sauce is basically soy, sauce with sugar and meeting or mirin. So I’m going to try to carefully line this plate instead of a random way. Yeah! That’S looking pretty good! Okay, I won’t risk doing any more. Also, I didn’t make very much okay. Now I’m going to put the cooked salmon on so, let’s put it in a nice place here that the side I cut a little bit weird, but the other side is good, and this is the side that we’re going to be photographing.

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Okay, Next I’m going to brush a little bit of meeting arm. This isn’t something I would normally do just to eat the dish. This is to make it more shiny, so just need a little bit. That’S nice and shiny, there’s all kinds of things you can use for this, but meetings a little bit thick, so it won’t dry out too quickly and it’ll stay in place and now I absolutely the teriyaki sauce to the salmon itself, put it in the other direction. Try not to be too messy. I have to do it. Okay, now I’m going to add a lemon to it. Just as a decoration there we go now. I add a little parsley again just for decoration, but also hide some of the messy parts I put in there and, let’s read one little bit more of garnish. Just add a little bit of dried parsley. Flakes is to give it a little bit of texture. Okay, so there you go okay, I’m still in focus here. So that’s what it will look like in our photo and so let’s go give it a try.

Okay, we have our plate, you’re, ready to shoot and just for a little texture. I have this on a piece of white foam core there’s, so many different things you can do a black surface fabric surface. A lot of it depends on the kind of dish you’re shooting this one’s kind of a generic dish, salmon sort of a Asian influence, I suppose, but so I’m using sort of a linen looking table. Napkin actually just has a little texture, and I got this little cute little Swan thing with a rose in it to use as a background texture,

A little bit of the background may peak through as well, which is just some knickknacks I have over there and it may not that’s fine and let’s read our lighting, I’ve got the softbox with a alien bees be 800 in it set to a pretty low power. It might even be minimum power and I’ve got this 580 e^x strobe shooting into an umbrella. So the key and a lot of food photography is the backlight is your key light, so the this backlight will be bouncing off the shiny food. Because of the meeting I added earlier into our camera, so that’ll give a nice Sheen and just to avoid a lot of shadows. I’Ve got this other strobe in front just to fill in so again for a lot, not all, but a lot of food photography. Your key light will be behind your food, reflecting off of it to make it look nice and juicy really yummy, So also because we’ve got two strobes on a small area.

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It just gets overwhelmed with light, So, even though I’m down at ISO I’m going to start with 160 and f5 and the shutter speed of one 200th, actually I’m going to slow it down a little from there 125 one 125th of a second, because I’m using the Alien beads, which is kind of A slow strobe, and so you kinda, have to be underneath the max sync speed for safety and to cut down the light. I’Ve got a 0.6 ND filter plus a polarizer, and we can also use the polarizer to adjust. Reflections of things are getting a little out of control. So let’s give this a try. I’M going to use live view to focus here all right. Now I’m using Radio poppers to fire the flashes, it looks like those are working. So a lot of this is going to be a matter of getting the red flash balance background, foreground light and overall exposure. So let’s read how this works okay, way too dark

So that means get above up the ISO and I’m going to set the white balance to flash okay. Let’S try that again get in there. So now I’m going to increase the power of the alien bees and that can be done on the transmitter itself. If you’re using the studio version, which is really handy, okay, alright we’re really getting there – it’s not quiet. I think that’s wand in a little bit of a distracting place, I’ll swap it around all right. So here we go again gon na bump up the ISO more up to 640. Now here we go. That’S looking pretty good. I think I’m just a little bit too low. Perhaps so, I think I’ll raise this a little okay point it down. So our Swan is going to be harder to read that that’s alright check the focus again, and here we go nice. I am liking that I think we just need a little more light, a little bit more light on the front. So I increase the power 164 to 164 plus 0.7, and here we go yes, I, like that better to read it a lot better can still read the juiciness and I think I’m done so.

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