Cake Photoshoot – How Photograph A Cakes


Cake Photoshoot – How Photograph a Cakes

Cake photoshoot, Hi guys this is rose from pitcher cake, sparrows and Etsy shop with your silicon molds. So I received an email this morning from one of our page friends asking me: how do I photograph my cake photos? I was going to make a picture tutorial, but I decided to do a article tutorial instead that way, I can talk you guys through it. So, to start with, I take my cake photos right in front of my kitchen door and I open this door and I leave it prop like that. So that is my kitchen patio and then I also need a table, and this one is one of my corner table where I usually put my corner lamps and then I also need a chair, and then I need a board just like this one, that one right There, if you guys, can see that and you can have this laying sideways like that or you can have it laying just like that and of course, you’re going to have to open those side flops. So most of the time I have my white board laying sideways just like that, and then this is right on top of my corner table and the top or the back of this side of this white board is actually propped against the back of my chair. I then take my cake that I need to photograph and I lay it right there in the middle and then I snap photos after I snapped those photos I actually let hold on. So I snapped my photos at about every angle that you can imagine that way.


I have a lot of choices and then I also try to snap photos as close as possible to the cake that way. I don’t have to crop the photos and I will have a really nice cake photos and then right after I snap those photos, I use several iPhone apps to fix my cake photos and then I’m going to show you guys which iPhone apps I used to and By the way, I actually take all my cake photos using my iPhone, and I also take my article tutorials using my iPhone and I love my iPhone. I can’t wait. I have the iPhone 4 and I can’t wait to upgrade, but anyway it’s very simple. You need a white board. You can also use a black board if you want that, and this are those project boards that our kids use for school. And, of course, you need a table and a chair with a back and you place that right in front of your kitchen door and you’re ready to snap photos and by doing this, if you place this right in front of your kitchen door, you’re actually using natural Light now I got this idea from another caker who posted a tutorial on how she take her cake photos and hers.

She would place her cakes in front of her windows and I tried that and it didn’t really work for me. So this is how I do my software taking my cake photos. I use these two apps on my iPhone to edit my photos, and one of them is a free, app called Adobe for shop Express now this particular app. I usually just use this to crop. My take photos, especially if I took one that’s that has a background. That’S way too big, then I want to kind of just to focus on the cake. Then I’ll crop the background just a little bit and then the next one is sorry, that’s not it.

Okay, so the next one is this app and it is called touch retouch and again, this is a free app on iPhone. You can get this on your App Store now with this one. I usually use this to touch up my photos, especially if I have unwanted lines, that’s on the cake photos and I want to get rid of it and when I’m talking about unwanted lines. This is what I mean. Let’S look at this okay, so this is the cake that I made last weekend for my mother-in-law and I have highlighted the unwanted lines that I’m talking about now. I don’t know if you guys can see it, but I can see it’s right there, and that is the line from the fold of my whiteboard, and you can also see it on the other side right there. Now I used my touch retouch to get rid of that line.

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