Cake Photography Tips And Tricks Special


Cake Photography Tips and Tricks Special

Cake photography, Hi everybody it’s Lorelie welcome this is Wedding Cakes For You cake tutorials and today I’m going to share with you how to photograph your cakes. I’m going to share with you a little bit about lighting, about backdrops, about setting up and arranging your cakes, and also how to tell a story with your cakes. I hope that you are doing well during this time this is a very scary time. I would like to encourage you to continue doing and learning and trying to stay calm. Take a breath maybe go for a walk do some meditation some yoga try to find something new to do and maybe practice your cake decorating, reach out to your family members. Whatever you can do to stay calm. Because I realize that this can cause a lot of anxiety and I’d like to make a recommendation actually.

Red Velvet Cake - Binjal's VEG Kitchen

I use something called the tapping solution, and this is not a commercial this is just something that I do. You can go and get the free app it’s the tapping solution app and if there’s free meditations on there it’s super easy to do. I love it it really helps. Make sure you wash your hands and let’s get started. If you’re fortunate enough to have a nice window with a surface to photograph on you can get great shots most of the time with natural light. If not you may want to get some of these softbox lights. This is part of a kit you can adjust it up and down, bounce light off the ceiling and/or point it downward.

You can adjust the lighting too. Here’s another tool to add light to your subject. It can also be used as a selfie stick. For me I use it mostly for recording articles. The camera goes here. These clips hold the backdrops on the rack. The table is an inexpensive fold of one that is very lightweight.

This is a large clothing rack which I also really love. It keeps the backdrops almost wrinkle free and wheels in and out of storage. All of this is in one place in my Amazon Shop. The link is below for you. As you can see the light from this is very bright so you can move it further away, point it in various directions etc until you’re happy. You can also use it to light up the background. Turn off your regular lights when taking photos.

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When you get really close you see how beautifully magical your display becomes. I’m adjusting the light so you can see how it affects the backdrop. Now you can see the wrinkles. These occasionally need to be ironed. Another tool that you really need to have is a poster board with clips. The clips create a stand. But be super careful.

If you have a person to help it’s always best. You can use this to bounce light back onto the dark side of the cake. When using a window remove anything blocking the light. Normally I would have my favorite pillow in the article shots. Again you can see how it bounces the light back onto the cakes. Sometimes I like to leave the dark side I think it’s very dramatic. A story of Victorian times is what I wanted to tell with these cakes.

I use PicMonkey it’s easy and it’s very inexpensive I think it’s like five bucks a month. You can enrich your pictures by boosting the colors. In this case I boosted it twice and then erased some of the second application because I wanted to make the would look really deep. Add your logos and text and then download. Outdoors is another option. I have a spot with stone and moss that I really like. Although the lighting was a little harsh I do love the composition.

I deepened this quite a bit. And the window lighting is my favorite. This one is more subtle so I kept the color a little lighter. As a disclaimer… I’m not a professional photographer.

So these are just tips and this is how I do it. Feel free to leave your tips below in the comments I would love to hear them, and I will see you guys in the next article. Take care alright everybody bye bye.

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