Beverage Photography

Beverage Photography How To Style A Drink


Beverage Photography How To Style A Drink

Beverage Photography. Hey in this read, I’m going to show you all of the steps that I go through to style: a glass for a drink photograph. So, first of all, we’re going to need a special glove to make sure that I get my grubby hands all over this, because I’ve been eating Toffees today.

Beverage Photography
Beverage Photography

So the first thing we need is a perfectly clean glass, and this is about as clean as I’m going to get it. I’Ve used window cleaner and tissues too in order to get it like this once you’ve cleaned it, we need to get on to the taping aspect and the reason we’re going to tape.

It is because we’re going to add all of the droplets and due to this glass artificially, rather than actually using ice and cold liquids, and we need to make sure that there’s a little thin rim at the bottom here, there’s a particularly challenging glass but the thin Rim here is covered and the top bit whether we know juice will also be covered by the tape so that we don’t get any of the condensation on it, because you only get condensation where there’s liquid. On the other side,

So I’m just using this tape here I’Ll put a link to in the description it’s from a duct probably made the read list with air Samar With out there. There we go. I was going to pop this around the rim of the glass . perfed have already got my fingerprints on it. This is why I’m not a food stylist, it’s got a quick rub there. We go, there’s like glass prepped, and the next thing we need to do is apply the varnish.

Now. This here is crystal-clear, Rust-Oleum, it’s a clear, matte varnish for sealing and protecting. We use it for a lot of different things and spread a little bit further over here, simply because my computer’s here and it’s going to be horrendous so in a decent distance on this, we don’t want to douse it in it as a small small spritz, almost Right here we go, the glass is now frosted and the next we’re going to do is apply our 50/50 water glycerin mix. Now I actually don’t like 5050 I’ve gone 75. 25. I think it’s a mixture of the spritzy, you own, the style that you particularly like, and then you work out from that. The glycerin to water mixture,

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Now I’ve clearly put my glove on the wrong hand as well, because I’ve got gloveless hand holding this, but there we go. Let’S give it a spritz, it’s now spritzed and these little droplets that they’re, just holding to the varnish now, which is great so we’re going to do now, is remove the tape there.

We go. I’M sure you can read that on the camera, but there’s a slight bit at the top, where it’s not spritz, we’re definitely in the final photo. Okay, now I’m gon na add my critic eyes to the glass. I’Ve got my fancy eyes out today because it’s all packed away, but we’ve got some very basic Amazon that critical eyes cubes and I don’t think, could tell the difference to be honest and there we go

We’Ve got the ice, the dress glass after taping it and all we need to do now – is pop it in front of the camera and we’re gon na go and take that shot now, so focus slightly differently to how it actually focuses sort of shot. But it’s mostly to bring out exactly what I’m trying to show you here.

So you read, the top of glass is clean like it want it to be or like you’d, naturally read it as we scroll down, we can just read the condensation collecting and dripping down the glass. Now, if you look a bit too long, it’ll look odd and I’m no food stylist is certainly not my forte, but from a distance.

This looks absolutely fine. Ice is a cloudy apple juice. If you’re wondering what those bizarre colour is going on here, I’d probably pop it up a little bit like this bit of clarity, a little bit of structure jump in sharpening push that about 100. Okay, put in a black point bit less than that. Let’S get those highlights in there perfect there we go, so that’s how I’d go about doing it.

This is just a really rough and ready example. You wan na spend a lot more time than a few minutes. I spent doing this, but these are the steps that you go through in order to get it, I don’t check up a couple of pictures of drinks. I’Ve shot before just you can read what it looks like when it’s done properly, rather than my quick, slapdash attempt Today. Now that was a pretty quick and sort of almost slapdash approach things but they’re the key step.

So it’s tactical read –, let’s with some sort of matte varnish and then applied the droplets with glycerin mixed into the water. Obviously, when you’re doing it for natural shot, you wouldn’t spend a lot longer doing this. I’Ve often had one or two hours go by just trying to get the glass perfect.

I’M gon na ping, some shots up now of shots. I have taken where we spent the the correct amount of time doing it to get it absolutely spot-on, with cans, bottles and just general drinks and shots these the tools you need there to go when practices and it it does take a lot of practice. One of the reasons where I’m not stylist is because I don’t do this day in day out.