Difference Between Editorial Food Photography And Advertising

Difference Between Editorial Food Photography And Advertising


Difference Between Editorial Food Photography And Advertising

Difference between editorial food photography and advertising. Many years ago, I fed my portfolio of Art Shoppers for Apatite Bond Magazine just to see what would happen.  Who knows, maybe I can be famous or something … :o)

It didn’t take long for my package to come back with a nice polite letter that says something that says on the effect: “This is really good food photography, but it’s not the way we use”.  Not “friendly”?  What does hell mean?  So I did a bit of a magazine review and after a bit of a review, I could see what they meant.

Difference Between Editorial Food Photography And Advertising
Difference Between Editorial Food Photography And Advertising

I have to come clean here and admit that I am an advertised food photographer in my heart. That’s just my natural tendency. I like to activate food so I can get the maximum texture and make food as texture and appetizing as possible.

I prefer to turn on food and show as many details as possible, and I conclude that editorial food photographers have other options.  They take more care of the overall picture of the photo, while in front of my camera I care about more individual foods.  For me, the photo environment is secondary and there is to support food.

In advertising food photography, food is the most important thing in the recording, while in editorial food photography the general beauty of photography is the most important thing.  And here are a few reasons why I say that.

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In editorial food photography, Food photographs images of fewer properties.  Food is smaller in most editorial recordings than in the ad.  Typically, you’ll find a more interesting background in editorial food photos than in ads.  Beautiful backgrounds tend to take note of the food, and those who sell food tend to grin a little on it.

Beautiful/interesting backgrounds tend to make images more beautiful and entertaining, which magazines and other users of editorial food photography try to make entertaining. The ad tried to sell a bunch of these foods, so she had to jump off the plate.  You should be able to feel the texture and smell the food.  Okay, we didn’t smell, but I think you got the point.

In short, I think advertising food photographers are more interested in food details and show them the best light in them.  Editorial food photographers are more interested in creating beautiful food pictures where food sometimes looks like it’s a prop in photos, rather than an excuse for photos.

Please don’t blame me … I like to do “just beautiful pictures” and want to do more editorial tasks.   I also think it’s easier for food photographer ads to take pictures of editorial tasks than editorial shooters to take photos of food for advertising.  In my opinion, images of food photography advertising are more difficult to do.  It requires the skills that most magazine shooters simply don’t have or even recognize.

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