Best Food Photography

Best Food Photography Backdrops


Best Food Photography Backdrops

Best Food Photography. Hey: what’s up everyone how’s it going! Today’S read is all about the best food photography backdrops. It’S a super important topic. I mean if you’re going to be making some awesome images. You need some equally awesome backdrops to place that food on right.

Best Food Photography
Best Food Photography

By the way, this read is being sponsored by the great people over at squarespace, if you’re thinking that you need to create a professional portfolio website or storefront, go check them out, but more on that in just a second, if you’re just getting into food photography, i’m Sure you have all these great ideas for images just swirling around in your head and if you’re like me, then you’re probably immediately afterwards frantically thinking about all the props and the backgrounds that you want for those images.

The backdrop of your image is almost as equally important as your subject or food. I mean almost it, but it sets that stage that scene, the the foundation for that story that you want to tell and the colors and the the textures and the patterns they all work together to help make that food pop when i was first starting out i’d, Be walking around or i’d be at a restaurant, and i would just start to notice things that i had never noticed before, like an old fence or the textures on a wall or a table or a beautiful countertop and i’d be like that, would make the most Fantastic backdrop for my next food image and i would seriously contemplate whether or not anyone was looking at me like i’m just gon na borrow this real quick yeah i’ll, be right back

The great thing is that there’s a ton of old junk out there that most people would be happy to get rid of. If you just asked, i mean chunks of wood and scrap metal and old fencing that made up the majority of my backdrops when i was first starting out and then i started making my own.

But i’ll tell you more about that in just a second, because for the not so crafty i know not, everyone has the same amount of tools and time to make their own backdrops. So i’m gon na give you three different categories of food, photography, backdrops and the companies who make them, because i think they’re awesome and i use them on my own shoots all right.

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So, let’s start this off with some backdrops that are not really backdrops per se. Some of my favorite things to shoot on are just things that i have lying around the kitchen and these little kitchen items make for some fantastic food photography backdrops now throughout this read.

I’M going to be placing some links down in the description below in case. You Want to pick this stuff up for yourself. This first one is probably one of my favorites. It’S this baking steel and it’s not the biggest backdrop in the world, but i love the cold steel, look of it and it only gets better.

The more you use it and, if you’re using a macro lens, a lot of these smaller kitchen items can make for some really cool backgrounds. Another one of my favorites is this: marble slab perfect again, if you’re using a macro lens, it’s not a huge backdrop, but you can also stack it on another background. If you want to get a nice little layered effect in this category. Think about filling your frame with cutting boards butcher blocks, cast iron, skillets, baking, pans, cooling, racks, crinkled up baking paper or some really great linen and fabrics.

One of my favorite linens to shoot on is actually this baker’s proofing cloth. It looks great iron flat or crinkled up for a beautiful texture and a lot of times these wooden or painted backgrounds can kind of become cliche, especially if you’re putting all of these images side by side into a portfolio.

So some of these smaller kitchen items can provide you with that texture and that variety that you’re going for next up, if you’re looking for something dedicated just to shoot on then you’re going to be reaching for these boards or wood plank table tops at the very High end and probably the most popular, are these boards from eriksen’s they’re gorgeous, and i have a few of them right here that i’m actually borrowing from my friend lindsay cotter over at cotter’s crunch

She has a ton of gorgeous images and reads shot on these erickson surfaces. So if you want to read them in action, go check her out right here, but the paint and the textures on these boards are amazing and they actually work with real photographers to get these custom boards out now.

The major downside to these boards is that they’re heavy, real heavy, not really the kind of backdrop that you would want to lug around with you. If you have to travel a great distance to your shoot, but i just checked their site and they are coming out with a new line of lightweight boards, which would be great, but these are great studio, boards, nice and big, which is something i can appreciate. I would say that if you’re using a 50 millimeter lens to shoot with, then at minimum you’re gon na want a background.

That’S at least two foot by three foot, but more is always better, especially if you’re shooting from above the table or from the 90 degree position really beautiful, light out there right now. This window is going to be a great indicator of when i take breaks between shots.

Hope you guys don’t mind, but another company in this category that makes wooden backdrops is solarty. I’Ve been using them for a long time and again, i’m going to be placing all their links down in the description below be sure to check it out, because some of them have promo codes, but solari i’ve been using for years now they make beautiful boards.

They do both the wooden plank style tops and the canvas boards that are beautifully painted and textured. Some of my favorite designs from solarty would be these kind of live edge. Wood boards right here. I love the textures, the raw wood and the grain and knots they’re.

Perfect, if you’re going for that more rustic theme in your images and reads, and it’s important to note that both solarty and ericsson make these boards custom ordered. So no two are the same. There are a few other companies other than erickson and so arty that make some beautiful, outstanding wooden backdrops. I think woodville studios is another one.

That definitely has some amazing backdrops on their website that definitely make my wish list, but no matter what brand you go with make sure that you one get a backdrop that fits the size, that you need at least two feet by three feet: make sure that it Doesn’T break the bank and if you are gon na, spend some cash on a really great wooden backdrop. Make sure that you get one. That’S not so unique that it’s only really good for one photo.

A much more lightweight version of these wooden backdrops would be these really nicely printed cards. I actually put out my own collection of these through best ever backdrops, which i think are really really cool. Now, if you want to check out an entire read, i did about that. You can read that right here.

These cards are two foot by three foot and they’re double sided, so you actually get two backdrops in one they’re, thick they’re made with a plastic core and they have a matte finish which helps keep that glare and reflection down. I know it’s a shameless plug for my own merch, but again a lot of other companies make these cards too, and what i really love about.

The plastic card style backdrops for photographers is that they’re super lightweight and you can take them with you on a shoot plus they’re, waterproof and stain proof, which is really helpful because, let’s face it, every shoot something gets knocked over.

Something gets spilled and with those erickson and solarity boards, if you do that they’re kind of ruined, but with these boards, if you spill a drink, you spill some olive oil. You can just easily wipe it off. No worries these right here in my collection are actually just replicas of all the backdrops that i’ve made personally they have beautiful, colors and textures.

My favorite one is this: one called afterglow and they’re all named after my favorite cocktails, but afterglow has this beautiful, sweeping blue texture to it that just works with so many shots. This is the real afterglow backdrop and it’s huge and heavy. I love it, but i actually think i end up grabbing for this one a little bit more now. I know a lot of you guys have asked me about this specific wooden backdrop that you read right here and you read it pretty much every one of my reads.

You guys asked me what it’s made from and where you can get one well, you can actually get this as one of those printed backdrops in that collection, so go check that out in the description below plus there’s a nice little promo code. If you want to pick one up personally, i just don’t know if collecting backdrops for me will ever end. I just always readm to find a need for another one. I mean i use the ones that i have over and over and over again, but i always want a new one to match. You know either the vibe or a story of a dish or just to keep that variety going in my portfolio.

So all the images on my website don’t look the same. You know when they’re all stacked next to each other, especially if they’re going on a beautifully designed website like the ones from our sponsor squarespace squarespace helps you create beautiful websites and storefronts, and you can do it yourself.

Anyone can do it. It’S super fast super simple. You don’t need to know how to code. You don’t need to take a course in html. I built my site right here: skylab, using squarespace and while you’re there, you can read all the beautiful backdrops that i use for my food photography. There’S a ton of companies out there that help you build portfolio websites and it feels like i’ve tried them all. I even tried building my own website way way back in the day, but you know since moving to squarespace, it’s just been a cinch. I pick my theme, i upload my photos and i’m ready to go.

They have a bunch of gorgeous themes for photographers they’re, sleek minimalistic and just let your images do the talking you can set up a blog with them. Get your mailing list going with beautiful signup forms. You can create storefronts. If you want to sell products that you’ve created and if you head over to right now, you can get yourself a free trial, pick your theme and upload all those beautiful photos and reads that i know you’ve been taking and when you’re Ready to launch hit.

That link down in the description below you can save yourself, 10 off your very first purchase of your brand new website or domain. All right, i think, in a couple of reads down the road i might be able to show you guys my process for building and creating my own backdrops. If that’s something that you would be interested in, if it is please let me know down in the comments below, but as always thank you for reading this read.

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