Best Food Photography Books To Read 2020

Best Food Photography Books To Read 2020


Best Food Photography Books to Read 2020

Best food photography books to read in 2020. Food photography is one of the most popular genres in the world. Some people use it to make their food look aesthetically pleasing on Instagram. Others taught him to work with well-known food companies. How do they make your photos look so professional? This is where food photography books come in.

Best Food Photography Books To Read 2020
Best Food Photography Books To Read 2020

Food is like any other topic. Incorrect lighting can make the tastiest foods look unattractive. On the other hand, the right composition can give the cupcake a simple sense of luxury.

To really understand this genre, you can invest in several books. The best will teach you how to make every meal look delicious because it is.

Here are some of our book recommendations for amateurs and professionals.

1. With an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5, the book is considered a food-style encyclopedia. Some of the most popular book features are:

  • Tips on how to run a food photography store
  • Ideas for organizing a variety of foods
  • Recipes for the production of artificial foods
Delores Custer Food Photography Books
Delores Custer Food Photography Books

The author, Delores Custer, has been organizing food for more than 30 years. He’s not specifically a food photographer, that’s what makes his book unique. You will understand what in making food amazing in front of the camera, even if there are.

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This can be a great tool for food photographers who want to incorporate more detail into their work. It can also be useful for those who actually want to master the art of food photography.

2. Helene Dujardin’s food photos have a raw and authentic atmosphere. The pictures make you want to wake up and cook something delicious on your own! She often uses natural light to improve her photographs. His photographs look like eternal paintings. Helene’s technique should be pretty easy to master, especially if you don’t have a studio.

Helene Dujardin's Food Photography Books
Helene Dujardin’s Food Photography Books

The plate to the pixel focuses exclusively on digital food photography and style. You will learn how to manipulate natural light to make your food look sneer. You’ll also get tips on on-camera lighting, style, and editing.

This is a food photography book that should be ordered for those who mainly use natural light.

3. This manual covers everything you need to know about food photography. Denise Vivaldo is a professional food stylist. He focuses on various food photography companies and photography techniques. The purpose of this book is to help you make your food picture look like a work of art.

Denise Vivaldo Food Photography Books
Denise Vivaldo Food Photography Books

The versatility of the book makes it the perfect tool for chefs and photographers. Note, however, that most books are business-oriented. This is a great book for those who want to pursue a career in photography and the food style industry. If you work without a team of chefs, make sure you have the cooking knowledge first. Otherwise, some parts of the book may be too complicated for you.

4. Nicole S. Young’s food photo looks very professional. Think fancy food ads. If this is the style you want to achieve, you’ll probably learn a lot from this book.

Nicole S. Young's Food Photography Books
Nicole S. Young’s Food Photography Books

Food Photography: From Quotes to the Great Shots is a must for food photography beginners. It covers the basics so you don’t feel lost when you read the instructions. However, you must have simple camera settings to maximize author tips.

Editing is also a fundamental part of several chapters. The authors explain how to use Adobe Lightroom to promote food photos.

The instructions in this book can help you improve your overall photography skills. The things you learn about lighting and composition can help you in other genres. Given all this, you can treat this book as a valuable source of general photography knowledge.

5. Some authors are so generous that they offer some of their knowledge for free! This is a free e-book with some tips on food photography. This is a risk-free option for anyone who isn’t sure where to start in the industry. Beginners tend to make the most of this book.

The book will not teach you everything but will serve as a useful introduction. Learn more about lighting, equipment, and camera settings. Although it’s a short book, it has many basics that many aspiring photographers struggle with.

6. Andrew Scrivani is a respected photographer, director, and producer. He regularly donates photos to The New York Times. His book has a very precise title; All food pictures make you want to run right to your fridge!

Andrew Scrivani Food Photography Books
Andrew Scrivani Food Photography Books

Andrew’s photos are moody and emotional. The food he describes seems to have its own personality. You must have a deep understanding of light and composition to make such images. Fortunately, you can learn all about these techniques in his books.

Photos that make me hungry are best for beginners. It focuses on lighting settings for food photography, camera settings, storytelling, business, and more. Andrew explains in detail to make sure readers understand everything clearly. Overall, this is a great investment for those who want to make their food pictures look like fine art.

7. This book is another great source of information for aspiring food photographers. It has everything beginners need to know about preparation, style, and business. It also covers issues related to advertising and advertising. This is especially important if you want to start your own business.

The author is a successful food blogger with an energetic portfolio. You will find many of the most popular images in the book. She also focused on some of the company’s most famous food photographers. This is a great way to compare different styles and understand what really works in the industry.

8. Matt Armendariz is one of the most famous food photographers on this list. The London newspaper Times Online has added its blog to the top 10 food blogs list in the world. His photographs have been shown by The New York Times, Goop, the Los Angeles Times, and more. Given its success, it is safe to say that this book is full of priceless tips.

Matt Armendariz Food Photography Books
Matt Armendariz Food Photography Books

The book can also be a reading comfort for some photographers. Matt emphasized the importance of making mistakes. There is a whole chapter on food that is difficult to describe. He also writes about the editing process and how you can protect your images from theft. This book aims to inspire and protect you at the same time.

This book is suitable for beginners or intermediaries. Ideally, you need to be interested in food blogging to take advantage of this book.

9. Irving Penn’s name may no longer be on this list, but it is actually very suitable. Although she is a famous fashion photographer, she takes many artistic photos of her quiet life. Many of the topics are food.

Irving Penn's Food Photography Books
Irving Penn’s Food Photography Books

Irving is a master of lighting and composition. She knows how to make a non-living object look like an emotional being. As a result, his surviving photographs remain timeless and awaken thoughts.

10. This book only highlights the image of Irving’s life. It’s not just a food photography book, but it has many interesting references. You can treat it as an inspiring source of artistic food photography.

This book is a great source of inspiration for beginners. You don’t need to know much about food photography first.

Corinna Gissemann Food Photography Books
Corinna Gissemann Food Photography Books

Corinna Gissemann is a food photographer who is popular with different styles. The photographs are moody, often accompanied by black backgrounds. It tends to be attracted by natural light. Most importantly, he uses DIY props to make his food look good. DIY props are very simple and affordable so anyone can try it.

The book consists of 11 chapters that focus on different parts of the photography process. You get access to project ideas, lighting information, and a variety of tips on food photography. This is a useful guide for people who can’t invest a lot of money on equipment. You will learn that food photography is not always expensive to function properly.

11. The Dummies series is very popular. If there’s something you want to learn, the company can have a book about it. Books like this are meant to help those who don’t know anything about the subject. Your goal is to educate and inspire you, so don’t take too many stupid words!

The Dummies Food Photography Books
The Dummies Food Photography Books

This is a great guide for aspiring food bloggers. It focuses on every aspect of the industry, from building websites to mastering SEO. It also describes how to photograph beautiful food. This book is your best friend if you want to understand everything that goes into food photography.

It includes a list of the best food photography books to read in 2020.

If you’re not sure where to start, download Christina Peters’ free e-book. From there, you can find out which way you want to go. Do you prefer natural or artificial light? Would you like to pursue a career in food photography? Which food photographer do you admire the most? Once you have some answers, you will be closer to photos of breathing foods.

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