Characteristics Of Authoritative Parenting Are Important For Parents

Characteristics Of Authoritative Parenting Are Important For Parents

Authoritative Parenting. Parenting is an obligation for parents. What kind of pattern is suitable for our beloved child? Is authoritarian, authoritative or permissive. Of course every family has a different parenting style.

Authoritative Parenting
Authoritative Parenting

Knowing the characteristics of parenting for children is very important. Parenting that is applied from an early age will form a strong character and personality in our children.

Authoritative parenting, also known as democratic parenting, is a choice of parenting styles that are of interest to many parents, in addition to having a good effect on children, it also strengthens the communication relationship between parents and children. This parenting has proven to be effective, it appears in the parents who are flexible when applying this parenting style to their children.

The essence of authoritative parenting is communication, such as the understanding of a real democracy where there is freedom accompanied by guidance to children. And children are always given direction and input before doing something.

The rights and obligations of children and parents are equal, children have the right to ask questions while parents have the obligation to answer all children’s questions openly and wisely. In addition to communication, the main pillar of this parenting style is deliberation, there is a sense of calm in the child. They feel comfortable, because in deliberations children are invited to solve problems that are supported by good communication.

Authoritative parenting gives birth to independence in children with limits and control from parents. What is the impact of this parenting? children have self-confidence and feel like they have good self-control. The positive impact of Authoritative parenting can be seen in terms of education, children have good achievements in academics.

Characteristics of Authoritative parenting that are important to know for parents include:

  1. Encourage children to discuss options before working.
  2. Parents impose limits, consequences, and expectations on children’s behavior.
  3. Listening to the wishes of the child.
  4. Parents maintain fair and consistent discipline when children break rules.
  5. Allowing children to express opinions.
  6. Parents express warmth.
  7. Fostering independence and giving opinions.

Every parenting style that is applied to children certainly has almost the same goals, namely; high expectations in children. What is meant is that the expectations that have become the target of parents can be realized in children. However, Authoritative parenting is flexible.

It seems that it is difficult to harmonize the high hopes / aspirations of the parents to be realized in the child. An easy step is to let the child make many decisions, and observe each child’s behavior, not too hard and not too soft on the child. Do these two things, over time Authoritative parenting will naturally become a pattern in the family.

Negative Effects Of Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative Parenting Pros And Cons

Most experts, especially from psychologists, state that this Authoritative parenting style is indeed the best. So it is difficult to find gaps in this upbringing.

It’s natural for children in the growth phase to be rebellious, emotional, apathetic … it’s all natural. And we as parents sometimes see it from our point of view with all our hopes.

We try to convey all the best things in our dreams to children. These things are what distinguishes between authoritarian parenting and authoritarian parenting. Wise parents will consider the psychological impact / effect on children if they are coerced.

To convey it completely to children is not as easy as I wrote above, everyone needs patience. As parents, we still want the best for our children, so we never stop doing what’s best for our children.

6 Authoritative Parenting Books

You can go deep into this parenting style by adding references from books on the best parenting styles for children. The following books are good references for you to read.

1. The Awakened Family

Authoritative Parenting is written by Shefali Tsabary

How can parents grow a good relationship with their children, which is the theme in this book. This book simultaneously addresses fears and illusions about parenting and helps provide practical strategies from real-life examples of the author’s experiences as a parent and clinical psychologist.

2. I Am Gifted, So Are You!

Authoritative Parenting was written by Adam Khoo

His life that failed to turn into an extraordinary life is raised as the theme in this book. Being a genius is everyone’s chance, this book tells about the “opportunity” that belongs to everyone. So it is hoped that hope will be born in children like light in the dark. “Never waste opportunities that come because there is no second chance.”

3. Adversity Quotient

Authoritative Parenting book written by Miarti Yoga

This book helps parents to understand more about Adversity Quotient and its relationship with children. Will be discussed in depth about intelligence in children, related to the mental endurance of children in dealing with a problem. Each step is written in detail and structured, so that parents can practice it easily.

4. Media Moms And Digital Dad

Authoritative Parenting written by Yalda Uhls

Yalda Uhls aims to appeal to parents not to worry about changing media conditions. This freedom, sophistication and unstoppable we must face it whether we like it or not. Naturally, now children prefer to stay longer with the media than their parents, let alone go to school.

This book is more into the appeal of parents not to worry about current developments. Not to forget that in this book, parents are taught how to face the reality that their children are a part of and are involved in it.

5. Teach Like Finland

The book Authoritative Parenting was written by Timothy D. Walker

In Finland, children are only given short study hours with few home work and non-standardized exams. However, on average, children who are 15 years of age can score the highest. It is proven in the implementation of the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) that Finland is in 1st place for reading, maths, and sciences.

This strategy applied to children worked. In this book, parents will be taught and explained how to implement effective teaching strategies with light and relaxed methods, without the need to pressure children.

6. The Read-Aloud Handbook

Authoritative Parenting was written by Jim Trelease

The important point in this book is the influence of reading books in strengthening the bond between parents and children. Parents are also invited to further improve their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, all of which are summarized in reading strategies / patterns.

Authoritative Parenting Style
Authoritative Parenting Style

Qna Authoritative Parenting

What is the difference between authoritative and authoritarian parenting styles?

Competent parents teach and guide their children. However, competent parents exercise control through power and coercion. They have power, because they give will to their children. Interestingly, authoritarian parents tend to be stricter and more consistent than authoritarian parents.

Is Authoritative parenting good?

Children raised by authoritative parents tend to be more independent, independent, socially acceptable, academically successful, and well-behaved. They tend to report depression and anxiety, and tend to engage in antisocial behaviors such as delinquency and drug use.

Why is authoritative parenting bad?

Overall, most studies have found that the most stringent forms of authoritarian parenting are associated with more negative effects on children. These effects include: demonstrating poor social skills. lower levels of self-esteem.

What is an example of authoritative parenting style?

Authoritative Parenting Examples
Exchange ideas with children instead of demanding blind obedience. Set clear limits on behavior. Enforce boundaries consistently. Use positive discipline instead of punishment and coercion.

How do you implement authoritative parenting style?

To use competent parents, parents must:

  • Consider the opinions of their children.
  • Be consistent.
  • Praise positive behavior and performance.
  • Set clear and fair expectations.
  • Show their children that they care.
  • Listen to their children.
  • Disciplined using options and consequences.